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The world of entertainment is just bursting with juicy stories – from Michael Jackson’s new biopic to Will Smith’s revival at the box office and Dolly Parton’s thoughts on Beyonce’s new cover of her hit, “Jolene”.

Ready to Moonwalk Again?

First up – love him or hate him, the King of Pop Michael Jackson is getting a new biopic.

Now seriously folks, is there anything juicier than finally learning what went on behind the scenes in Michael Jackson’s later years?

Monkeys, Macaulay Culkin, dark court cases, drugs, and a custom-made theme park – you can’t make this stuff up!

The best part? Michael Jackson’s own nephew, Jafar Jackson, is set to play the moonwalker!

And if you want to know how seriously the studio is taking this film, Lionsgate is calling it their BIGGEST movie ever.

So while we wait, let’s remember the good times with MJ:

Dolly Parton Dishes on Beyonce’s ‘Jolene’

Next up, we have a clash of the generations with the legendary Dolly Parton and one of today’s hottest stars, Beyonce.

The latter star has completely turned the country music industry upside down with her foray into the scene, “Cowboy Carter.”

The album officially topped the charts back in April, and people just can’t stop talking about it. Especially Track 10.

That one’s a cover of Dolly Parton’s classic, “Jolene.” And it earned praise from the queen of country.

Parton called the cover “bold”, and loved the “sassy” new lyrics.

Can you imagine Dolly Parton and Beyonce doing a duet of “Jolene” at the next Country Music Awards? Let’s get it Dolly!

Check out Beyonce’s version of “Jolene” here:

Vanna White Breaks Down Over Pat Sajak’s Retirement

It is the end of an era for Wheel of Fortune, with long-time host Pat Sajak retiring after an incredible 43 years!

Can you imagine doing anything for 43 years straight? Dang, Pat!

But his co-host Vanna White, who has been doing the show for 42 years, isn’t taking the news of Pat’s retirement well.

She broke down in tears saying goodbye to Pat, reminiscing about the insane 8,000 episodes the two have done together.

We sure will miss Pat – a perfect showman with just the right amount of dry wit. His replacement, TV juggernaut Ryan Seacrest, has some big shoes to fill!

WATCH a quick recap of today’s stories!

Will Smith is BACK, Baby!

Finally, Will Smith is back!

Hot off his hilarious controversy at the 2022 Academy Awards, in which he completely flipped out and slapped host Chris Rock on live TV, the actor is ready to move on.

Emphasis on move – because Will Smith (and co-star Martin Lawrence) have revived the beloved Bad Boys franchise with their new hit, Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

The newest Bad Boys flick raked in over $100 million globally on opening weekend. (A good omen for the beleaguered blockbuster?)

And Smith isn’t just mailing it in, either. He dutifully attended an opening screening in LA for adoring fans!

Check out the trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die here:

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