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In May of last year, Hollywood star Kevin Costner was allegedly “blindsided” when his wife Christine Baumgartner, whom he was married to for 18 years, filed for divorce. Now, Costner is admitting that this divorce was “crushing” while also revealing the big reason why he has to move forward.

Costner Discusses ‘Crushing’ Divorce

While appearing on CBS Mornings on Thursday, Costner, 69, admitted that his split from Baumgartner, 50, was difficult for him to handle.

“That’s a crushing moment,” Costner said. “It’s powerful and it hurt.”

Costner went on to say that he had “no choice” but to move forward, because his children are “looking” at him. He shares three teenage children with Baumgartner: Cayden Wyatt, 17, Hayes Logan, 15, and Grace Avery, 14. Costner also has four adult children from previous relationships.

“So, I can’t wilt like a daisy,” he continued. “I have to go forward, I have to continue to be who I am and keep a special eye on who they are.”

Check out Costner’s full comments on this in the video below around the 5-minute mark.

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Costner’s Previous Divorce Comments

After Baumgartner filed for divorce, she and Costner spent months in bitter legal battles fighting it out over spousal and child support payments. It wasn’t until February of this year that the divorce was finalized. Last month, Costner admitted that while the entire ordeal left him feeling “broken,” he was determined to overcome it.

“No matter how much my heart’s on the ground, no matter how broken I may be on a daily basis … I do have a level of responsibility [to those involved in these projects],”  Costner told GQ.

Earlier this week, Costner further opened up about navigating life after his divorce.

“You just do it,” he told People Magazine. “You just keep talking, you keep coaching [the kids], you keep interested in what they’re interested in … I had to.”

When asked if he could see himself falling in love again, Costner replied,  “Yeah, I think everybody would like to be in love.”

“There’s such a good feeling that’s associated with that,” he added. “It may have to be defined in a different way, but yeah, I love the idea of that possibility.”

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Costner Focused On His Children And Horizon

In the end, Costner is focusing all of his energy in his personal life on his children right now.

“It’s really about the children,” he said. “I am still teaching my kids. And by the way, I’m still learning.”

When it comes to his professional life, Costner is also focused on his four-part western movie series Horizon: An American Saga. The first film is set to hit theaters on Friday and the second will be released later this summer. Meanwhile, the third movie is currently in production, and Costner said that the filming process is “going well.”

“We’ve shot about 13 days of it, and we’re coming back in August to finish it off,” he recently told Fox News. “I saw [Chapter 2] yesterday, and I’m really happy to be able to say that it’s just as good as 1, and maybe better.”

Check out a trailer for the first Horizon movie in the video below.

Divorce is never easy, particularly when there are children involved. Please join us in saying a prayer for Costner as he continues to navigate this difficult experience!

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