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It’s been four years since the Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively allowed the singer Taylor Swift to reveal the name of their third child through her song “Betty.”

Over the past few weeks, there has been speculation that Swift may have revealed the name of Reynolds and Lively’s fourth child, who was born in February of 2023, in her newest album “The Tortured Poets Department.”

While appearing on the Today show on Monday morning, Reynolds was asked if their fourth child’s name, which he and Lively have been keeping private, was once again leaked by their friend Swift.

Reynolds Sounds Off

“We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name is,” replied Reynolds, 47, according to Daily Mail. “And I will say this: We’re still waiting.”

“She’s a prolific writer — I mean, what are we doing here?” he added. “And ‘lazy’ is not a word I’d attach to Taylor.”

Check out Reynolds’ full comments on this in the video below.

Swift Previously Revealed Name Of Reynolds And Lively’s Child

Swift had previously explained that Reynolds and Lively gave her their blessing to reveal that they’d named their third child “Betty” in her song “Betty” back in 2020, one year after the girl was born. She revealed this after fans noticed that Swift had also used the names of the couple’s oldest two children James and Inez in the song as well.

“I named all the characters in this story after my friend’s kids, and I hope you like it!” Swift explained.

Reynolds and Lively have managed to keep both the name and gender of their fourth child private ever since the baby was born in February of 2023.

“Blake and Ryan knew this would be quite a transition growing their family to six now, but they’re all adjusting wonderfully,” a source told US Weekly after the birth. “It’s a very happy time for all of them.”

Check out Swift’s song “Betty” in the video below.

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Swift’s History With Lively And Reynolds

Swift, 34, and Lively, 36, have been close friends since 2015, when the two met up in Australia for a day of fun at a theme park, according to People Magazine. They connected immediately, and the next year, both Lively and Reynolds attended Swift’s legendary annual Fourth of July party that she hosted with her then-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

After winning a Grammy for Album of the Year for “Folklore” in 2021, Swift gave Reynolds and Lively a shoutout when she thanked “James, Inez and Betty and their parents.”

“[They] are the second and third people that I play every new song that I write,” she added of the A-list Hollywood couple, according to People.

Lively even attended the Super Bowl with Swift earlier this year.

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Reynolds And Lively Are Private People

Though Reynolds and Lively have been famous Hollywood stars for many years, with him being best known for his Deadpool movies and her being best known for her former television show Gossip Girl, they’ve decided to raise their children in privacy far away from Hollywood, instead putting down roots in the quaint town of Pound Ridge, New York.

“They love their life there,” a source previously told Yahoo News. “They don’t have a ton of help in terms of nannies. They’re both very dedicated parents.”

Watch Reynolds talk about his family in the video below.

It’s refreshing to see a Hollywood power couple that has decided to give their children a private life out of the spotlight. No wonder Swift has kept Reynolds and Lively in her own life for so many years!

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