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Johnny Depp has officially launched his Hollywood comeback in the wake of him coming out victorious in his explosive 2022 court battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Luckily for him, this is already paying off, as he’s earning rave reviews for his work in the new French-language period romance Jeanne du Barry, which premiered on Thursday. Check out the trailer below.

Depp Launches Hollywood Comeback

Even though Depp, 60, won his 2022 defamation trial against his ex-wife Heard, 38, he was still shunned by Hollywood for years amidst allegations that he had physically and emotionally abused her. Now, however, it appears that this is all behind him, as critics are loving his latest role.

“From a strategic standpoint, I think it’s a brilliant move,” brand expert Doug Eldridge told Fox News. “It’s uncertain how bright his box office star shines right now, after being dragged through the defamation mud in front of the entire country.”

Jeanne du Barry is based on the true story of Jeanne Du Barry, who is played by the French actress and director Maïwenn. Du Barry was a commoner who became a courtesan and  rose through the ranks of French society in the 18th century until she caught the eye of  King Louis XV (Depp).

Eldridge believes that it was smart of Depp to pick a supporting role for his Hollywood comeback rather than a lead.

“Instead of attaching him to a leading role in a big budget movie — which brings high expectations with it — Depp is re-entering the pool from the shallow end, with a supporting role in a period piece,” he continued. “The expected box office is small and Depp’s role is already being touted as the standout performance of the film. “

“More than that, Depp is choosing to do it his way,” Eldridge added. “As Sinatra famously sang “…and through it all, when there were doubts, I ate it up and spit it out. The record shows, I took the blows, and did it my way.”

Find out more about this in the video below.

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Depp And Heard’s Trial

This comes after Depp and Heard sued one another for defamation in a case that played out in a televised court trial in April of 2022. The six-week trial was televised, and it captivated the nation as Depp and Heard hurled allegations of physical and emotional abuse at one another.

The jury ruled largely in the favor of Depp, finding Heard liable on all three counts of defamation, while Depp was determined to be liable for one count of defamation. Heard was ordered to pay Depp $10 million in damages, and he was ordered to pay her $2 million.

Despite his vindication in court, his Hollywood comeback may not be an easy one, according to Eldridge.

“By winning his defamation case against his ex, Depp planted a flag, not only for himself, but for men who have been wrongly accused across the country,” Eldridge stated. “In so doing, he galvanized an army of new fans—both men and women—who were inspired by his bravery and willingness to confront and combat the false allegations made against him.”

“Unfortunately, for Depp and others who are wrongly accused, the Court of Public Opinion renders a verdict by allegation, not evidence, and the blowback has a calculable impact in terms of dollars and cents,” he added.

Find out more about this trial in the video below.

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Depp Sounds Off

While promoting Jeanne du Barry, Depp opened up about whether or not he feels “boycotted by Hollywood.”

“Did I feel boycotted by Hollywood? Well, you’d have to not have a pulse to feel at that point like this was all just a weird joke,” he said.

“Do I feel boycotted now? No, not at all,” Depp continued. “But I don’t feel boycotted because I don’t think about Hollywood. I don’t feel much further need for Hollywood.

Watch Depp talk more about this in the video below.

Only time will tell if Depp is successful in coming back to where he was before in the crazy world of Hollywood!

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