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Taylor Swift tickets are arguably the hottest things in music right now, and tons of celebrities are earning themselves cool points with their children by purchasing the coveted tickets for them.

Fallon Won’t Buy Daughters Swift Tickets

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, however, is not having any of it. Despite his Hollywood connections, Fallon, 49, has said that he will not be buying Swift tickets for his daughters Winnie, 10, and Frances, 9.

“I didn’t get them tickets to see Taylor,” he recently told E! News. “I said, ‘No, you have to earn certain things. I can’t just do this for you.'”

Fallon went on to say that though his daughter come from privilege, he does not want them to let his wealth go to their heads.

“I want them to be as normal and less bratty as they can possibly be,” he added. “And they’re the nicest kids.”

Watch Fallon have some fun with a Swift song in the video below.

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Fallon Talks Fatherhood

The New York Post reported that Fallon shares his two daughters with his wife Nancy Juvonen, who he’s been married to since 2007. Fallon previously opened up in 2020 about how fatherhood has made him a better person. Surprisingly, he said that it’s made him be more caring towards other people’s kids.

“When I didn’t have kids, if I heard a crying baby in the restaurant, I would think, ‘Can you stop the crying and go around the block?’” he told Fatherly. “Now I would be like, ‘Just give me the baby — how can I help?’ I’ve been there.”

Fallon could likely easily score Eras Tour tickets if he wanted to, as Swift, 34, has appeared on his show many times over the years. She last appeared on the late night talk show at the end of 2022, one month after she released her tenth album “Midnights.”

“We’ve got to talk about ‘Midnights,’” Fallon said at the time. He went on to gush over the “unbelievable” album.

“I’m beside myself, really,” Swift replied with excitement.

Check out that interview in the video below.

Swift’s Eras Tour

Swift is currently on the European leg of her Eras tour. She will next be performing three shows this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. Swift will spend the next few months traveling all over Europe, with her final show on the continent scheduled to take place in London on August 20.

Each show is a three-hour workout for Swift. The shows are so grueling that afterwards, she needs major downtime to recover.

“I do not leave my bed except to get food and take it back to my bed and eat it there,” she explained to Time back in December. “It’s a dream scenario. I can barely speak because I’ve been singing for three shows straight.” 

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Swift isn’t set to perform in the United States again until October, when she’ll kick off the tour’s American leg in Miami, Florida. Fallon’s daughters likely have until then to convince their father to change his mind about buying them tickets!

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