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On January 1, 2023, the Hollywood star Jeremy Remner, who is best known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel movies, was involved in an incredibly serious snowplow accident that left him with 38 broken bones and requiring multiple surgeries to repair his rib cage, face and legs.

Now, Renner’s Mayor of Kingstown co-star Michael Beach is speaking out to claim that the 53 year-old actor “actually died” after his accident.

Renner ‘Actually Died’

On New Year’s Day in 2023, Renner was run over by his own seven-ton Pistenbully snow at his home near Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Renner’s accident was so severe that doctors had to insert metal plates into his torso to stabilize his ribcage and his eye socket, which had caved in, according to The Evening Standard. On top of that, they inserted a titanium rod into Renner’s left shin to hold it together after it was snapped.

According to Beach, the accident is even worse than fans were made aware of, as Renner’s heart allegedly stopped afterwards.

“Jeremy [Renner] is a war horse, man,” Beach told The Direct. “I mean that guy, you know, he broke 38 bones. He actually died, which I didn’t know until he told me, and he’s been coming back.”

“And he says he wasn’t sure how it would be,” he continued. “But he was ready. And he says every week, he feels stronger and stronger. And there’s been no interruption because of his physical abilities or not. He’s in it doing it. He’s great. Yeah, he’s a great guy, man. And he’s really as tough as nails.” 

Find out more about Renner’s accident in the video below.

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Renner Eager To Get Back To Work

Renner told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year that he was focused on getting back to work on Mayor of Kingstown, the third season of which is set to premiere on Paramount+ on June 2.

“All I can focus on is this,” Renner said of his work. “Doing television is quite arduous. It’s long hours and a lot of heavy lifting.”

Check out a trailer for the next season of Mayor of Kingstown in the video below.

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Renner’s History

Born and raised in Modesto, California, Renner has been an A-list Hollywood star for many years, and he’s been nominated for two Academy Awards during his career. He was first nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in 2010 for his work in The Hurt Locker, and was then nominated again for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor category the next year for The Town.

Renner is best known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel movie franchise, playing the role in six movies and in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. Check out a trailer for that show below.

Fans knew that Renner’s accident was incredibly serious, but it was not known publicly that he “actually died” until now. Please say a prayer for Renner as he continues to recover both physically and emotionally from this ordeal.

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