Harry Hamlin
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Harry Hamlin of Clash Of The Titans and L.A. Law fame has been a Hollywood star for decades. In a new interview, he and his actress wife Lisa Rinna opened up about the powerful advice that they gave to their two daughters about life in the spotlight.

Hamlin’s Advice To Daughters

“We have a few things in our house that we talk about. We talk about being nice to everybody, being kind to everyone no matter who they are, what position they have,” Hamlin, 72, told Fox News while walking the red carpet at The Daily Front Row Eighth Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards.

“We also have a saying, that, whatever anybody else thinks of you is none of your business,” he continued. “So, that keeps people from looking at the comments.”

“It’s easier said than done, but it helps,” Rinna, 60, chimed in to add.

“Be kind to everyone, and don’t complain,” Hamlin continued as Rinna nodded in agreement.

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Hamlin’s Daughter Speaks Out

Hamlin and Rinna’s Amelia Gray Hamlin, 22, who was given the honor of model of the year at the event, confirmed that her parents had given her this advice.

“I learned a lot about being present … but it always goes back to kindness,” she explained. “You know, I have this thing my dad always says that sort of replays in my mind: ‘Make sure you’re nice to everyone on the way up, because you’ll be seeing them on the way down.’”

“And all these little things that they just really instilled in my mind about being a human being. … I think it’s as simple as that,” she added. “Don’t let ego get in the way, be yourself, be grateful, be kind and just love your life. You’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.”

Check out Amelia and Rinna on the red carpet in the video below.

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Amelia Doubles Down

Amelia later doubled down on the advice that her parents gave her, saying, “Be kind. It’s really important to be a kind person. I think that I’ve led with that, and it’s honestly what’s gotten me so far. Work hard, but more importantly, you can achieve anything you want as long as you just do it.”

“Listen, I know that there’s a lot of opinions in that, but I really do think it’s true,” she concluded. “Apply yourself and anyone can kinda pretty much do anything. Sorry if you don’t agree. I do. I’m a firm believer you can have and do whatever you want, and I am the walking, the dang proof.”

Hamlin and Rinna have been married since 1997, and they are parents to both Amelia and her older 25 year-old sister Delilah.

In a time when Hollywood stars seem to be more full of themselves than ever, it’s refreshing to see how down to earth both Hamlin and Rinna appear to be even after decades in the entertainment industry. If only there were more stars in Hollywood like them!

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