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Since being founded by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley back in 1973, KISS has been one of the most popular bands of all time. That’s why we’ve decided to explore how wealthy the members of the iconic band are by figuring out each of their net worths.

Simmons’ Net Worth

Parade reported that Simmons’ net worth is $400 million, which he earned from his music as well as his business ventures and his success as a media personality.

“All those books that are written like ’10 Steps to Success’ or “How You Can Become a Millionaire By Following These 10 Steps’—they’re not really true,” Simmons told Money back in 2017. “If the only thing you have to do is follow those 10 steps, everybody who’s reading those books would be a multi-millionaire.”

Simmons later doubled down on this in a 2019 interview with the BBC.

“I approach life the way a shark approaches life—they must keep moving or else they will drown,” he said. “I’ll never stop hunting money. I’ll never have enough. … People who say that money is the root of all evil are morons. A lack of money is the root of all evil.”

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Simmons And Stanley Sell KISS Catalog

Last month, Simmons and Stanley sold KISS’s entire catalog to a Swedish music investment company Pophouse. This deal included everything from their master recordings and publishing to their characters and likenesses. Simmons said afterwards that this deal seemed like the “natural” thing to do.

“Life happens while you’re busy making important plans,” Simmons said. “We were planning our respectful, proud walking off into the sunset, because we’ve been touring, we had been touring for half a century.”

Simmons went on to say that he “didn’t want to push it for too long. I don’t want to go out there with my walker.”

Other KISS Members Net Worths

In contrast to Simmons, Stanley is worth $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

“The financial reward is great and I love the life I have, but all money makes possible is for you to stop worrying about money,” Stanley previously said. “Then you have freedom to live your life.” 

Despite his vast wealth, Stanley is most proud of his family,

“There is nothing greater in life than family, and my accomplishments as a father rank at the top of my successes,” he told People Magazine in 2011.

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As for the other members of KISS, the guitarist Tommy Thayer is reportedly worth $15 million, according to Metal Castle. Finally, the drummer Eric Singer is worth $20 million.

Simmons And Thayer Perform

Last month, Simmons and Thayer teamed up to perform some KISS classics at the grand opening of the Rock & Brews restaurant at the Ilani dining and entertainment destination in Ridgefield, Washington.

“There are no rules, which is my favorite thing in life,” Simmons told ABC Audio before the show. “Anything is bound to happen. I may jump off the stage and get into the audience. We may pull some folks out of the audience. You wanna sing ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’? Here’s the mic. Good luck.”

“We get a chance to play songs KISS has never played and some songs have never been recorded,” he continued. “So it’s a very exciting event.”

KISS is one of the most legendary bands of all times, so it comes as no surprise that each member is so wealthy. God bless each of them, and rock on KISS!

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