Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli personally escorted a climate lunatic out of his Broadway play.
Screenshot: The Sopranos Club

The former “Sopranos” star Michael Imperioli was interrupted by a climate activist during a performance of the Broadway play “An Enemy of the People” last week.

“Oceans are acidifying,” the protester shouted during a performance last Thursday night. “Oceans are rising and will swallow this city and this entire theater.”

Imperioli, who was playing the part of small-town Mayor Peter Stockmann at the time, objected to the interruption, and a hint of his old “Sopranos” character, Christopher Moltisanti, made an appearance.

“You need to leave. You’re interrupting,” he shouted back.

Imperioli and another man then personally escorted the activist right out of the theater, pushing and shoving him repeatedly up the stairs of the auditorium until he was met by another man who booted him out the door.

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Imperioli’s Character Kicked The Activist Out

Imperioli stayed in character and attempted to suppress the climate protest, calling the activist a liar and trying to maintain control of the situation.

The actor’s response was in line with his character’s stance on the issue of water pollution in the play.

He suggested as such in an Instagram post following the incident indicating that he actually agrees with the protester, but as for the venue? Maybe not so much.

“Tonight was wild,” he wrote. “No hard feelings extinction rebellion crew. Michael is on your side but Mayor Stockmann is not. Much love.”

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No Arrests

Despite the interruption, the climate activist in question was not arrested. One theatergoer told CBS News that the display had irked them a bit.

“You pay for a show so you’d expect to see it in peace,” they said. “I applaud the actors for making it part of the show.”

Indeed, they did handle the situation about as well as one could, considering.

It’s unclear where the practice started or who decided it would be a good idea to promote the environmental cause, but climate activists now consistently destroy theater and art displays.

It doesn’t draw attention to the cause, it just makes these people look like ignorant losers, which they are.

“What I’m saying is …” – Stop being that person. Go do something meaningful with your life.

Mess with a legendary actor for “The Sopranos” at your own risk.

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