Take a look at Dylan Mulvaney's music video 'Days of Girlhood' and witness his portrayal of women. Is it empowering or degrading? Critics weigh in.
Screenshot: Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney likes to pretend to be many things. A comedian. A beer spokesperson. A woman.

And now, a pop music sensation.

Mulvaney just released a music video for the song “Days of Girlhood.” It is a topic of which the transgender influencer knows very little.

As such, viewers are greeted with Mulvaney’s vision of what the transgender influencer thinks a woman is – obsessed with bubble baths, tea parties in bed, prescription meds, and overdosing on the color pink.

Take a look:

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Mulvaney Continues To Make People Cringe

Hey Google – Show me what it looks like when you order a Taylor Swift video on Temu.

That’s what you just saw.

Critics tore the Dylan Mulvaney music video apart.

“How any woman could support this is beyond me,” women’s advocate Riley Gaines wondered.

CFACT policy analyst Gabriella Hoffman said she is “tired of being infantilized about girlhood by this person.”

Podcast host Liz Wheeler was a little more harsh in her assessment.

“The craziest part of Dylan Mulvaney’s new music video is even after hormones and surgery, he still looks like a total dude,” she wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “Just an unhealthy one wearing girl clothes.”

Another noted that stereotyping women used to be frowned upon.

Yeah, one would think most women would see someone singing the following lyrics and think, buck up little camper:

Monday, can’t get out of bed
Tuesday morning, pick up meds
Wednesday, retail therapy
“Cash or credit?” I say, “Yes”
Thursday, had a walk of shame
Didn’t even know his namе
Weekends are for kissing friends
Friday night, I’ll ovеrspend
Saturday, we flirt for drinks
Playin’ wingman to our twinks
Sunday, the Twilight soundtrack
Cues my breakdown in the bath

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Whatever Mulvaney Touches Turns To ..

Ah yes, from songs about and by strong women – Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” or Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” – to, well … whatever the hell that was.

But then, everything Mulvaney touches turns to trash.

When Mulvaney is not bringing down the music industry, the transgender influencer is trying a hand at the stand-up comedy scene. Let’s just say that’s going about as well as you’d imagine.

To be fair, the music video is much closer to comedy than the actual attempt at comedy.

Mulvaney also somehow managed to nearly destroy a great American beer company prior to all of this.

The transgender TikTok sensation showed off Bud Light promotional cans in ads featuring the star last year. The videos received significant pushback from the public.

The latest reports indicate Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, lost a staggering $1.4 billion in sales following a conservative boycott.

To paraphrase Mulvaney’s own lyrics, Bud Light experienced a “code pink emergency.”

First beer, then comedy, now music. Is there anything else for this person to ruin?

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