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Family Feud can turn intelligent people into babbling fools at times. The pressure to pick popular survey answers to sometimes dubious questions can cause people to give some really odd answers.

That happened on this episode. The question Steve Harvey asked was, “Name something a doctor might pull put of a person.”

Watch the lady’s answer and then make sure you watch her opponent’s reaction:


Did you see Steve’s face? Even her family was laughing. Nobody was going to say, “Great answer!” to that one. Frankly, it’s sort of amazing that answer was allowed on the air!

Family Feuding

Steve Harvey’s Family Feud sure has it’s moments, just like the old Family Feud with Richard Dawson.

Dawson was known for his over-the-top personality moreso than Harvey, and he had a penchant for openly flirting with the ladies – even in front of their families!

Plus, there are endless great moments of incredible answers, like the one above.

Watch this as Richard Dawson can’t keep his cool after one particularly bad answer!

You can’t help but feel for this lady – she was so certain!

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