Rumor: Marvel Studios’ Upcoming ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ To Soft Reboot Marvel Cinematic Universe

A new rumor claims that Marvel Studios' upcoming Secret Wars will effectively soft reboot the Marvel Cinematic Universe by merging the various universes and timelines into a new one.

A new rumor claims that Marvel Studios’ upcoming Secret Wars will effectively soft reboot the Marvel Cinematic Universe by merging the various universes and timelines into a new one.

Avengers: Secret Wars

This latest rumor comes from scooper Syl Abdul who first teased on X, “Sounds like MCU Earth 616 will no longer exist after Secret Years. Ijs, I think Feige cookin.”

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He further elaborated on this in a video upload to X where he explained what he’s hearing about Secret Wars and how it will effectively soft reboot the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He stated, “Is this going to reboot the MCU as we know it? Now, the concept in 2015 Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars is that all of these different Earths were kind of molded together. Yes, Feige is basically taking pieces of stuff that he wants to keep from all of this different realities and he’s going to put it together as a new Marvel universe.”

Abdul then reiterated, “The MCU Earth 616 as we know it. That’s going to be gone. Not as far as erasing the history of the stories, but that’s not going to be the same Marvel Universe by the end of Secret Wars.”

Map of Battleworld from Secret Wars #2 (2015), Marvel Comics

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The scooper then appeared to speculate on what this entails and what characters will likely make it into this new universe, “Now, does this mean they are going to wipe out everyone? I’m fully expecting that Tom Holland Spider-Man and Miles Morales to be on this earth. I do expect other survivors from these other different earths.”

“But on top of that too, everyone’s not going to make it,” he added.

Secret Wars #1 (1985), Marvel Comics

Later in the video Abdul then shared his expectations for this new universe, “I’m expecting a new Thor. I’m expecting, my goodness, a new Avengers. I’m expecting a new Black Panther. According to Mikey Sutton, he said there will be a new Black Panther post-Secret Wars as well.”

He would also further reiterate this idea is to soft reboot the franchise, “But with Secret Wars this is really [Feige’s] chance to, again, wipe the slate clean of stuff you don’t really want to do going forward. Then you bring in your mutants. You bring in Fantastic Four. You really do something special for the entire Marvel Universe.”

Secret Wars #1 (2015), Marvel Comics

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Abdul is not the only to indicate that Secret Wars will be a game changer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scooper MyTimeToShineH on X also recently posited, “If Endgame was the closure to the beginning of the MCU with Iron Man then Secret Wars is the finale to the Marvel franchises that came before Iron Man and the MCU.”

MyTimeToShineH on X

MyTimeToShineH has already previously claimed that Secret Wars will see a bevy of actors return as iconic characters. They include Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Ian McKellen as Magneto, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their respective Spider-Man characters, and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

The scooper even claimed “Ben Affleck said no to Doctor Strange 2 but said maybe on Secret Wars so there’s still a chance.”

MyTimeToShineH on X

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Furthermore the scooper claimed that Beyonder will be the primary villain of the film. However, it won’t be the original Beyonder from the comics, but will be a Kang variant.

The scooper claimed in December 2022, “The Beyonder will be the main villain of Secret Wars and a Kang variant.”

MyTimeToShineH on X

Finally, the scooper also alleges that Secret Wars will predominantly follow the characters from the other universes, realities, and timelines while Avengers: Kang Dynasty will explore events from the New Avengers perspectives.

He stated, “This is how they plan to make Secret Wars work without making it a 4 hour movie. Kang Dynasty will have the ‘New Avengers’ as the leads. While Secret Wars will mostly be from the point of view and will focus on the heroes from the other universes.”

MyTimeToShineH on X

What do you make of this rumor? Do you think it might be too late for a soft reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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