Rob Schneider Compares Woke Ideology To A Religion: “If You Dare Oppose Any Of It, Or Question It, You’re A Heretic”

Comedian Rob Schneider weighs in on cancel culture, attributing this shameful practice to leftism and describing woke ideology as a religion.

Comedian Rob Schneider has recently offered his two cents regarding the cancel culture commonly enforced by easily offended individuals, strictly attributing this shameful practice to leftism and describing woke ideology as a religion.

Rob Schneider: Asian Momma, Mexican Kids (2020), Netflix

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During a recent appearance on Fox News, the former Saturday Night Live actor was asked to weigh in on Jennifer Aniston’s comments about cancel culture. “I’m so over cancel culture,” Aniston told The Wall Street Journal.

“I probably just got canceled by saying that,” she went on, adding, “I just don’t understand what it means.… Is there no redemption? I don’t know. I don’t put everybody in the Harvey Weinstein basket.”

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Schneider brings up fellow comedian and political commentator Bill Maher to illustrate that Liberals, much like Aniston, used to be for free speech.

“Well, you’ve listened to Bill Maher,” Schneider prefaced. “Bill Maher is on the same page. He just didn’t realise that… the traditional liberalism hasn’t changed for free speech, gay rights, women’s rights, don’t judge somebody by the colour of their skin.”

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He continued, “What happens now [is] that makes you a right-wing fascist, because it doesn’t go far enough now. So that is the problem.”

“But I think, with cancel culture… if you’d sit down one-on-one,” Schneider went on, before going off on a tangent, “I sat down with Bill Maher and talked to him. You know, besides his… you know, he’s got a little bit of Trump syndrome thing going on, [but] he is a moderate.”

New Rule: Trigger Warning! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) via Real Time with Bill Maher, YouTube

The comedian elaborated, “You can talk to him if you get in the room. That’s why it’s so important to have dialogue on campus. So, instead of demonising everybody, let’s talk. If you have a better idea I’m going to adjust my opinion.”

“The idea of… the belief system, that’s why the woke thing is a religion, because if you dare oppose any of it, or question it, you’re a heretic,” Schneider asserted. “And that’s where the cancelling comes in.”

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He added, “But I do think [that] if you can get one-on-one with people and have conversations again… that’s what so good about podcasts; you can have long conversations. You know, you can come on and realise, you know, we’re not so far apart.”

This isn’t the first time Schneider has talked about cancel culture. In October of last year, he actually revealed that the majority of his friends from Hollywood lean towards the political Right but are afraid to express their views because of their fear of being cancelled.

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“A lot of people that I’m friends with in Hollywood… they lean towards the Right, but they’re just scared of [cancel culture] because it really is like a mob of ideologues that, you feel, will attack you,” the comedian told Fox News.

Interestingly, the former SNL comedian also noted that those enforcing cancellation practices seem to follow their ideologies in religious fashion, further assessing, “And it’s really not necessarily based on anything, but it’s really like a religious architecture in their thinking.”

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