NO JOKE: NBA Analyst Mark Jackson Apologizes To Nikola Jokic For Icing Him In MVP Vote

NBA Analyst Mark Jackson now says he made a mistake by leaving back-to-back MVP Nikola Jokic off his 2023 ballot

This season has been an odd one for NBA standout Nikola Jokic, who seems to be in the midst of some controversy that isn’t really of his making. No, it’s not about any off-the-court incidents. The Serbian star hasn’t been accused of a violent crime or suffering from some kind of social media scandal.

Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic via House of Highlights YouTube

Instead, it’s been The Joker’s MVP credentials that seem to be constantly up for debate, despite the fact that he’s won the honor in the last two seasons. But apparently, current ESPN analyst and former NBA star Mark Jackson stumbled into that same storm that many others did. Fortunately, he may have finally seen the light.

Jackson, best known for his time with the New York Knicks, weighed in on the argument as to whether or not Jokic was worthy of another Most Valuable Player Award this season. Despite impressive stats, the Nuggets’ #1 guy receives his share of criticism as being somewhat overrated. Notably, Kendrick Perkins took aim at the idea that, despite the fact that Jokic was averaging a triple-double, he wasn’t worthy of being called the game’s top player.

Mark Jackson must have felt the same way – at least when he was casting his vote for the award. He left the big man off his ballot, not even listing him in his top five. As a result, Joel Embiid would the 2023 NBA MVP Award. Jokic finished as the runner-up and Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks was third.

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In hindsight, however, Jackson is regretting his decision. He has now come out publicly and apologized to The Joker for not recognizing his contributions.

This led to several conspiracy theorists, who speculated that members of the league and media chose to freeze out the versatile post player from winning a third straight MVP. Everything from jealousy to idiocy to racism has been tossed around on social media.

From his side of things, Jackson says it was “an honest mistake” on his part.

“Made an honest mistake with my MVP votes. My apologies to the Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokic,” Jackson wrote. “He’s not only a legitimate MVP candidate who deserved my vote, but he is truly one of the all-time greats!”
Again my apologies.”

Still, that hasn’t quelled the criticism. Many fans feel like Jokic is the REAL MVP, especially after Joel Embiid and the 76ers were unceremoniously dumped from the playoffs.

Embiid may have taken the hardware home. But he’s looking like a Philly fraud now… and watching the NBA’s true #1 player continue to lead his team to victory.

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