‘Family Ties’ Star Justine Bateman Issues Chilling Warning About AI In Hollywood

Justine Bateman of "Family Ties" fame has issued a warning about artificial intelligence (AI) in Hollywood that is nothing short of chilling.

Justine Bateman, who is best known for starring on the sitcom “Family Ties” in the 1980s, is speaking out to issue a chilling warning about the use of artificial intelligence in Hollywood.

‘AI Has No Place In Hollywood’

“I think AI has no place in Hollywood at all. To me, tech should solve problems that humans have,” Batemen, 57, told Fox News. “Using ChatGPT or any … software that’s using AI to write screenplays, using that in place of a writer is not solving a problem.”

“We don’t have a lack of writers,” she continued. “We don’t have a lack of actors. We don’t have a lack of directors. We don’t have a lack of talented people.”

This comes as writers in Hollywood are currently on strike, partly because of how AI is starting to be used to replace them.

“The use of AI makes me sad because I feel like it’s … getting away from being human,” Bateman explained. “But we’ve been doing a lot of that, right? Plastic surgery. Filters. Doing things over Zoom instead of in person. But the idea that somebody would use AI to replace human expression, I think, is the saddest thing to me.”

“To ask a computer programmer … to write a letter that you wanted to write or to write an essay for you or to write a script for you is just like, ‘Wow, that’s so much a part of being a human, is to express yourself through writing or artwork or whatever it is. … That’s the saddest thing to me is … just people pulling away from being human,” she added.

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Bateman Calls Out Hollywood Greed

Bateman went on to say that greed is a huge factor behind using AI in Hollywood.

“Incredible amounts of money are made off of our work,” she lamented. “Incredible profits are made off of our work. But what if you could make even greater profit? What if you could get rid of the pesky overhead of paying for the directors and the actors and the writers and the locations, the production, the post-production? What if you just get rid of all of that? Can you imagine how much larger your profit could be? That’s the road we’re going down.”

“The entertainment business is not going to do it better,” she added.”It’s just going to do it faster, less expensively, and you will have a greater volume of it. You’ll have more content. And, like, even referring to films and series as content to begin with, I think is … insulting.”

Bateman concluded by saying that she hopes she’s wrong about the future of AI in Hollywood.

“I don’t need an AI program to, like, come up with stuff for me,” Bateman said. “Like, that just sounds ridiculous to me. It’s like [to] have somebody work out for you or something if you enjoy working out, right? I hope I’m absolutely wrong. I would love nothing more than to be totally wrong about this.”

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Tom Hanks On AI

The A-list Hollywood star Tom Hanks recently spoke out to say that he will be able to keep acting in movies after his death thanks to AI.

“If I wanted to, I could get together and pitch a series of seven movies that would star me in them in which I would be 32 years old, from now until kingdom come,” he stated on “The Adam Buxton Podcast.” “Anybody can now recreate themselves at any age they are by way of AI or deepfake technology.”

“Because, look, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, and that’s it, but my performances can go on and on and on and on, and outside the understanding that it’s been done with AI or deepfake, there will be nothing to tell you that it’s not me and me alone,” he continued. “And it’s going to have some degree of lifelike quality. And that certainly is an artistic challenge, but it’s also a legal one.”

We are living in some truly crazy times, and AI really is the new frontier. There’s no telling where this technology will take us, but in the end, Hollywood would do well to heed Bateman’s warning.

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