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Whoopi Goldberg came unglued on “The View” once again on Monday morning, this time during a discussion about the Supreme Court ruling on Friday that it would not remove the abortion pill mifepristone from the market.

Goldberg Sounds Off

After letting her co-hosts speak on the ruling, Goldberg concluded the segment by embarking on an unhinged angry rant.

“Yeah, I got to say, you know, where I am, I’m not willing to give you access to my body,” Goldberg began. “I’m just not willing to do that. That is none of your business. What goes on in my family is none of your business.”

“Like, I feel like if you don’t want to see drag shows, then don’t take your child to a drag show,” she continued. “If you don’t want your child reading certain books, give the library a list of the books you don’t want your kid to read. Stay off my back!”

Not stopping there, Goldberg proceeded to double down.

“Because my rights are just as important as yours,” she added. “And when it comes to what I do with my family and my body, it’s none of your business. It isn’t. I just want to be clear. I respect the idea that in America we can have dissenting opinions. Sunny [Hostin] is a believer that abortion is wrong. I believe people who need them should have access to them. We all. That’s America.

“We all have these opinions.” Goldberg stated. “And the reason why it worked so well for so long is that everybody understood that people didn’t have to agree with you. They were entitled to their opinion. Please don’t change that about this country.”

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Goldberg Concludes Rant

Goldberg concluded her rant by bringing children into her argument.

“Please don’t change the idea that we are all entitled to our opinions and you people with your kids,” she said. “It is up to you to know what your kids are reading. If you want to know, go to the school. If it’s not a book you’re interested in. Tell the teacher you don’t want your kid reading it. But don’t get in the way of my kid being able to read that book. That is not American. Get off my back. That’s all I can say. Get off my back.”

Check out the full unhinged segment in the video below.

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Goldberg’s Previous Abortion Comments

This is far from the first time that Goldberg, who has admitted to getting an abortion in the past, has defended abortion rights.

“Getting an abortion is not easy, making that decision is not easy,” she said last year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s not something people do lightly! It’s not something you can just do! It is a hard, awful decision that people make.”

“And if you don’t have the wherewithal to understand that, to start this conversation with, ‘I know how hard this must be for you,’ if you’re starting it by telling me I’m going to burn in hell, then you’re not looking out for me as a human being, whether I subscribe to your religion or not,” she added. “And that is not OK.”

There are few things that woke liberals like Goldberg get more wound up about than abortion, so her latest rant unfortunately comes as no surprise. Goldberg can kick and scream all she wants to, but it’s not going to stop a Supreme Court with a strong conservative majority from doing the right thing when it comes to abortion!

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