Pat Boone, 88, Issues Brutal Warning To America – ‘We’re Going Down The Tubes Morally’

The singer and actor Pat Boone is warning that America is "going down the tubes morally" as he celebrates 70 years in show business.

The legendary singer and actor Pat Boone, who is currently celebrating his 70th year in show business, is speaking out this week to offer a brutal warning to America about what he sees as the deterioration of our country.

Boone Sounds Off

“We’re going down the tubes morally in every way,” Boone, 88, told Fox News. “In the films and on the internet, the stuff that kids can see now. Kids are being corrupted. Because whether their parents forbid them to see it on TV, their friends’ parents don’t. And so they’re seeing things they shouldn’t be exposed to.”

“They’re being taught now in class that if they feel like they’re the wrong gender, maybe they can change over if they want and without even telling their parents,” he continued. “And the changing of American history.”

Not stopping there, Boone proceeded to attack the entertainment world for making and celebrating “immoral” films, television shows and music.

“The movies, I don’t know how they get these films made,” he lamented. “Who puts up the money up for these films that are the most degrading? It’s all spooks and zombies and extraterrestrials and vampires and scaring the pants off everybody and scaring the souls in people.”

“And it’s a steady diet of the worst,” he added. “And the songs that are all about infidelity and getting drunk and drinking your troubles away. And that’s been true in country music for a long time. There are attacks on our morality coming from every direction. And the thing is, some of the worst immoral things get the biggest rewards and awards.”

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Boone Slams Hollywood

Boone went so far as to say that Hollywood is harming America on a global scale by glorifying and normalizing criminal behavior.

“The American movie business used to be our greatest export to the world,” he said. “It used to tell people that America’s a great place, and the stories all have happy endings and the bad guys get punished. And the good guys win.”

“And then along came TV shows like ‘Dallas’ and many other shows where the people who were really living criminal lives, you wanted to root for them,” Boone continued. “You wanted them to win. And even big pop stars play criminals. And somehow, in some of those films, the criminals, you hate to see them get killed because you’ve gotten to sort of identify with them.”

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Boone’s Previous Comments 

Boone made similar comments in another interview last summer.

“On television, you can hear all sorts of swear words,” Boone said at the time, according to The New York Post. “Nothing short of actual pornography is celebrated on television now. I don’t know how to put it strongly enough, but I just think the film industry is committing suicide. It’s killing itself as far as I’m concerned. America’s image is being destroyed.”

“The whole thing is upside down,” he added. “Some of the biggest films now show people getting away with the worst things. Lawbreakers are even celebrated. The criminals are becoming bigger. Heroes are doing worse things than criminals and being rewarded for it.”

Many will certainly agree with Boone’s assessment of Hollywood and the impact it has had on modern America. One can’t help but think that if something is not done to rein in Hollywood soon, America as we know it may be doomed.

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