New ‘Godzilla And Kong’ Teaser Reveals Official Title And Gives A Glimpse Of New Titan

Godzilla vs Kong 2's real title and the central villain, a new lean simian Titan, are revealed in a brand-new teaser.

The first official look at the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel we are patiently awaiting has dropped on social media and it is a doozy, to put it mildly. In a 40-second teaser, the clip shows us a new Titan that we have never seen before, and that may be the cryptic threat we’ve heard so much about.

A new Titan sits on his throne in the teaser trailer for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (24), Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Strangely, he doesn’t look anything like SpaceGodzilla — let alone a giant lizard. If the monster even is a male, he appears to be a member of Kong’s species or an offshoot of the same, except leaner. For a second, you’d think it was the Eighth Wonder sitting in the shadows on a throne in the Hollow Earth, but the thought is quickly put to rest.

The view slides back, showing that the Titan is surrounded by a boneyard, implying his brutality and unbeaten status amongst potential rivals. The visual continues to track backward until it stops on the skulls of the latest victims — those of Godzilla and Kong — followed by their respective roars. There’s slightly more but watch the short teaser below first.

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Watched it in full? Then you probably saw the tail end that lingers on an extreme close-up of the beast, which is clearly an ape-like Titan with similar features to Kong. However, this one has glowing blue eyes, and reddish fur, and wears what some observers determine to be war paint. If true, these details raise serious questions.

How intelligent is the monster? Is it affected in some way by Hollow Earth energy? Is that what caused it to be so brutal and warlike? And how hellbent on destruction and domination is it? Frankly, we don’t know — although that last one might be easy enough to answer. Neither can we say for sure what connection it has to Kong.

An ominous-looking figure contemplates Godzilla and Kong’s skulls in the teaser trailer for Godzilla and Kong (2024), Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Though, we have some guesses. Our biggest shot in the dark is we are looking at Kong’s long-lost offspring. Remember the first working title of Godzilla and Kong was Son of Kong, and that may offer a clue to the creature’s identity. It’s possible that, orphaned like his daddy, Junior fought to survive within the Hollow Earth.

Scratching, clawing, and slaying his way through each challenge steeled him more and more until he snapped, becoming a ruthless killing machine. Now a family reunion is on the horizon, but he’s not interested in reconciling. No, he is pissed and wants blood. Thus, Kong and Godzilla need to combine their efforts to clean up a familial mess that might engulf the world.

Official logo for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024), Warner Bros. Entertainment

Finally, the title of the film has changed. What was once known as Godzilla and Kong: Origins got the Batman v Superman treatment and is now called Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. What or whose empire is anybody’s guess but that piece of the title ought to play a part in the agenda of the new big monkey.

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