Molly Ringwald Slams Cancel Culture – ‘Some People Have Been Unfairly Cancelled’

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The Hollywood star Molly Ringwald, who is best known for starring in such 1980s classics as Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink, is speaking out against cancel culture, arguing that it has gone too far.

Ringwald Torches Cancel Culture 

“I don’t think a Harvey Weinstein situation could exist now. But, again, a lot of people have gotten swept up in ‘cancelation,’ and I worry about that,” Ringwald, 55, told The Guardian. “It’s unsustainable, in a way. Some people have been unfairly canceled, and they don’t belong in the same category as somebody like Harvey Weinstein.”

“What it ends up doing is make people roll their eyes,” she added. “That’s my worry. I do want things to change, for real. Workplaces should be places where everyone can feel safe – not just in Hollywood, but everywhere. Particularly Americans. We can never do things incrementally; we’re so binary, so all or nothing. We’re basically a bunch of puritans.”

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Ringwald Didn’t ‘Feel Comfortable’ With Fame

In this same interview, Ringwald talked about how she didn’t “feel comfortable” with the level of fame that she had in the 1980s.

“It’s hard to grow up under that. I don’t want to overdo this – and boohoo, I fully recognise my privilege – but I needed to get out from under all that scrutiny,” she said “I just wasn’t cut out for it in a way that certain other people are. Some people are really good at it. Taylor Swift is amazing! But I didn’t feel comfortable with that level of stardom.”

Ringwald also struggled to relate to many of her most famous characters.

“I was projected as this perfect, sweet American girl next door. Which wasn’t me, but I was figuring out who I was, too,” she said. “I was pretty young.”

“I didn’t really feel like darker roles were available to me,” she continued. “The ones that I wanted to do, I didn’t get. I was too young for certain roles. I was at this weird in-between stage.”

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Ringwald Turned Down Pretty Woman 

One of the most iconic roles that Ringwald claims to have passed on was Pretty Woman, a role that eventually went to Julia Roberts and scored her an Oscar nomination. Despite this, Ringwald has no regrets about turning down the part, which was that of a prostitute.

“Julia Roberts was wonderful in it, but I didn’t really like the story,” she explained. “Even then, I felt like there was something icky about it.”

These days, Ringwald is as busy as ever, as she’s writing a memoir while also preparing to move into directing with a new project that she is keeping under wraps as of this writing.

“When I came up, if you wanted to be taken seriously as an actor, that’s all you could do,” she said. “It’s different for men. Warren Beatty was an actor and director and producer. Robert Redford … It was something that men were allowed to do and women not. How can you be a muse if you’re behind the camera? But I will do it.”

Unlike many Hollywood stars, Ringwald seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Many will certainly agree with her assessment about cancel culture, as it truly has gone too far!