‘Joker: Folie A Deux’ Set Photos Show Lady Gaga Wearing A Modified Harley Quinn Costume And Make-up

Lady Gaga dances on the stairs and shows off new Harley Quinn outfit on location in Manhattan filming Joker: Folie a deux.

That Lady Gaga plays Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie a Deux is a foregone conclusion at this point, but what might come as unexpected is the slight variation on the standard costume. Few probably thought the singer would wear the full-body suit like Margot Robbie briefly did in Suicide Squad, but everyone would’ve guessed there’d be allusions to it.

Harley Quinn talks on her earpiece as a Braniac ship looms in the background via Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2023), Rocksteady Games
Harley Quinn talks on her earpiece as a Brainiac ship looms in the background via Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2023), Rocksteady Games

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Courtesy of set photos flowing in via social media, we can see Gaga is donning a faded and messy facsimile of Joker face paint to complete an outfit consisting of a black-and-white argyle corset-like top, a black skirt, and a black jacket with a red interior. The color scheme looks familiar but is still different.

There are clear homages to Harley, Joker, and playing cards – however, it’s clear Todd Phillips is going for something unique, much as he did with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker makeup. Aside from red lips, bleached skin, and green hair, The Joker’s countenance has been minimal, though colorful, whereas Phoenix applied more typical grotesque white face clowns are known for.

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As you can probably tell, Gaga does the same but Phillips’ Harley is heavily influenced by Arthur Fleck and mimics him in other ways.

In the photos, she is dancing down the same Brooklyn steps Phoenix’s feet skipped and kicked down in the first film. It’s unknown at this time if Harley’s fan-girl dance is diegetic or in her head.

Folie a Deux has the potential of taking place entirely in Arkham while everything we see outside of it is a fantasy. Interior cinematography of the hospital took place in Los Angeles studios where extras reported mistreatment by the crew and revocation of bathroom privileges.

More of Gaga outside and stair dancing can be found in the video below.

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Further above is a look at an alternate outfit for Gaga that is a little closer to the Harley Quinn we know, and right below is a shot of her and Phoenix together between takes.

He appears to be sporting more muted tones than the last time we saw him, which could be a sign of character development or a plot twist.

Joker: Folie a Deux dances downstairs into theaters on October 5th, 2024. Let us know if you’ll go to see it or if you’re intrigued by the above sets of photos.

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