dominik mysterio's future plans
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

With the biggest match of his life this weekend, what are Dominik Mysterio’s future plans within WWE? And at least one Superstar has been given some creative freedoms.

Dominik Mysterio’s Future Plans

Maybe you love it, maybe you don’t, but either way you should be interested in Dominik Mysterio’s future plans within WWE.

As in, what are the company’s future plans for Mysterio?

It’s worth asking, considering he is on the cusp of his biggest match in his young career.

After months and months of antagonizing his father, Rey Mysterio finally snapped.

The match we’d been told for forever would never happen? It’s happening during WrestleMania 39.

So, assuming father versus son might wrap that story, what are Dominik Mysterio’s future plans?

Like, will he be lost in the shuffle or are big things ahead?

According to the Wrestling Observer, Triple H and company have big plans for Dom.

Specifically, it’s believed that they see him as one of the company’s bigger heels moving forward.

dominik mysterio's future plans

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

And, also notable, it seems like plans don’t have him finished with dear old dad after this weekend, either.

Meltzer summarized the Rey/Dom storyline as the next biggest thing in WWE outside of the entire Bloodline saga.

That may or may not be correct, but it’s certainly plenty big.

Considering his age and how he’s learned so much on the job and in front of the cameras, Dominik Mysterio’s future should indeed be bright.

At times early on, he could certainly seem green (mostly, I think, with the promos). In recent months, it sure seems like he is getting a lot more comfortable.

The results on screen have been really good, and the sky might be the limit.

Superstar Given Freedoms

Fans have been happy since his switch and he’s been on a roll…and now we know why. This SmackDown Superstar has been given some creative freedoms.

If you haven’t guessed, this is all about LA Knight.

Knight was a very popular person during most of his NXT run.

Upon arriving on the main roster…not so much.

Someone had the horrible idea of repackaging LA Knight as Max Dupri, but fortunately that didn’t last long.

Now that he is back as LA Knight, he’s been having a run of it.

In recent weeks, he’s been getting more and more over, which is exciting to see.

Knight is getting over in part because he is one of the better promos on the roster.

Speaking with the Daily Show, the Superstar explains why that is the case.

dominik mysterio's future plans

source: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

Per the interview, Knight confirmed he’s been given some creative freedoms that not every Superstar has.

When he heads out to the ring to talk, he generally knows how it will start…and where he wants it to wind up.

The middle is not scripted. Instead, the journey in each of his promos lately is free form.

That underscores just how good this man can be as a talker in the ring. There is a very good reason that folks in creative have given him that freedom.

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