DC Outed For Sneakily Deleting Tweet Reducing Tim Drake To Internet-Scrolling Bisexual

DC's official Twitter thought a tweet categorizing Tim Drake as an online bisexual was a good idea, but deleted it.

Tim Drake has been a beloved character for decades and for many he is the best Robin of all time. But ever since the third Boy Wonder was made a part of the alphabet community, the kid hasn’t been catching as many breaks as he used to. His recent book is being canceled and won’t even pass the milestone of ten issues.

Tim Drake: Robin #1 main cover, DC

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From here on out, though, we can anticipate Drake being portrayed as gay/bi in defiance of his past relationships and over 30 years of comic book history. DC may go broke doing so, but they still have no shame in illustrating what they think of their falling-away readers’ once-favorite character, at least for a few moments.

Stoking a flame they can’t put out or refuse to, the formerly proud and quality publisher feels the heat from time to time. In a new instance, occurring just as the cancellation of Tim Drake: Robin was hitting the monthly solicitations, DC deleted a chagrining tone-deaf tweet with a graphic describing Drake as “the always-online bisexual.”

Yellow Flash Guy Twitter

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Fans are seeing this descriptor for the reductive line of copy that it is and aren’t letting DC forget they posted it. Thanks to Twitter Archive and YouTubers such as YellowFlash and Ryan Kinel, everyone gets to see the video the company’s official social media is running from.

Kinel’s RK Outpost exhibits it below with analysis.

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The video starts by telling those who managed to see it that every friend group has its archetypes. There’s “the genius,” “the quiet one,” the son raised by assassins, “the leader,” the angry one back from the dead, and what they’ve turned Tim Drake into. That thing he’s become is a token, Kinel observes, ignoring other, more vital, bits of character.

Tim has been integral to the Bat Family and the Teen Titans for years. Several wildly popular storylines – from Knightfall to Jokers Wild and beyond – would not be the same without him. Moreover, the character’s detective prowess placed him as a prime candidate, when written well, to inherit the cape and pointy cowl from Bruce after he hangs it up.

Robin Annual 7-vol2-pearson
Robin Annual #7, vol. 2, cover by Jason Pearson, DC

Kinel remarks this kind of thing will keep happening with activists in charge of storytelling, although they were embarrassed enough to delete their post, and books will continue to fail.

The retcon of Tim Drake and others in the name of representation is liable to stick for good if there isn’t a regime change at the DC level or a sale.

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