Box Office Poison Rachel Zegler Asks Followers To Fund Body Mutilation Surgery For “Friend”

Box office poison Rachel Zegler takes to social media to ask her followers donate to help friend go through body mutilation surgery.

Box office poison Rachel Zegler, star of Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Disney’s upcoming Snow White, has taken to social media to raise money for a transgender “friend” looking to mutilate her body.

Maria (Rachel Zegler) threatens to kill Chino (Josh Andres Garcia) in West Side Story (2021), Walt Disney Pictures

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The woke actress took to social media to ask her followers to donate money to a transgender person reportedly named Friday Anderson, who is seemingly in need of a rather large sum of money to have a life-changing, presumably permanent, surgery.

“Hey! it’s trans day of visibility! what better way to celebrate than to donate to trans folks in need!” prefaced the insufferably woke actress.

Making sure to use gender neutral pronouns to address her friend, Zegler further explained, “my friend friday is raising money for their top surgery. they need $5000. their v3nmo is @/fridayanderson — if you cannot donate, please share,” using the #TransDayOfVisibility hashtag.

Rachel Zegler encourages her followers for donations to help someone mutilate their body via Twitter

The Venmo account shared by Zegler requires users to be approved by Friday, so there is no knowing whether the $5000 goal has already been met — or surpassed, even, considering that the Snow White actress’ tweet has already been seen over 50 thousand times as of writing.

A screenshot of Anderson’s account shows that she has a total of 754 friends. Further, messages of support from users who have already donated undisclosed amounts of money can be seen flooding the profile.

@fridayanderson’s profile via Venmo

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While there were some messages that fully supported Zegler’s initiative to help her friend get surgery, a fair share of Twitter users fervently condemned the woke actress’ call to have her friend mutilated.

“Disney actress using twitter to get money for her friend to cut off her breasts,” wrote @DocEpcot, proceeding to call out both Disney and its CEO, Bob Iger.

@DocEpcot calls out Rachel Zegler via Twitter

In a follow-up quote tweet, @DocEpcot called out Zegler’s hypocritical request, pointing out that the Hollywood actress could’ve paid for her friend’s surgery herself.

“Hey Rachel,” prefaced the frustrated user. “Don’t you have enough money to pay for it from your Disney employment or are you just pushing an agenda to further mental illness and self mutilation?”

Once again, the user’s tweet tagged Iger and Disney, sarcastically inquiring, “Great look on the company eh Bob?”

@DocEpcot calls out Rachel Zegler via Twitter

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“I hope they’ve thought long and hard about this considering the lifelong implications,” read a comment by a concerned user, who added, “Also, why can’t they ask their friends, family, or even a bank for a loan instead of seeking charity from complete strangers?”

Zegler’s smug reply simply read, “delete this babes.”

Rachel Zegler dismisses legitimate concerns about life-changing surgeries via Twitter

“Girl we are poor and you are a celebrity making money,” pointed out @tallstraberrys, rhetorically asking, “You don’t have $5000 for your FRIEND?”

@tallstrawberrys calls out Rachel Zegler via Twitter

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“I’ll contribute for them to seek serious therapy,” retorted @SpashtheBayou.

@SpashtheBayou calls out Rachel Zegler via Twitter

Alluding to the tragic shooting that took place earlier this week at the Covenant School in Nashville, perpetrated by a member of the transgender community, Twitter user @Joemolob59 said, “Hope they don’t start shooting Christian kids.”

@Joemolob59 calls out Rachel Zegler via Twitter

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Much like Zegler, Joe Biden took to social media to celebrate the Transgender Day of Visibility, writing, “Transgender people are some of the bravest Americans I know. But no person should have to be brave just to live in safety and dignity.”

“Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I renew my commitment to building a healthy, safe, free, and just future for trans people everywhere,” he concluded.

Joe Biden celebrates Transgender Day of Visibility via Twitter

Neither Biden nor Zegler have addressed the Nashville school shooting — much less the fact that the shooter, Audrey Hale, was a woman who claimed to be a man named Aiden; a fact that has been widely ignored by mainstream media.

This isn’t even the first time the woke actress has asked, or demanded in some cases, her followers to donate money to causes she deems worthy of attention that are indeed morally repugnant.

“Donate to an abortion fund right f—kin now!!!!!!” Zegler demanded with authority in October of 2020.

Rachel Zegler demands followers donate to a baby killing fund via Twitter

Amid the overturning of Roe v. Wade last year, Zegler also took to social media to denounce the decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, writing, “why the f—k don’t you care about us? why the f—k do you think you have any say over our bodies?”

Rachel Zegler cries about abortion rights amid Roe v. Wade overturn via Twitter

Interestingly, albeit unsurprisingly, Zegler does not seem to believe her own words, as she denounced other people’s right to have a say over their own bodies.

In April of 2021, recalling a story that may or may not have happened, the Disney actress wrote, “To the man coughing next to me on this plane w/o a mask on………. trust you will be dealt with.”

She would later add, “The flight attendant keeps asking him to put it on and he just. No. What’s going on. “

Rachel Zegler tells story about man allegedly unwilling to put on a face mask during a flight via Twitter

What do you make of Rachel Zegler’s comments?

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