‘Blue Beetle’ Director Angel Manuel Soto Sparks Speculation Warner Bros. Discovery Executives Silenced Him Following His Twitter Going Private

Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto's Twitter account went private and YouTube sensation YellowFlash believes Warner Bros. ordered this.

The director of the upcoming Blue Beetle movie, Angel Manuel Soto, has onlookers wondering if Warner Bros. Discovery told him to be quiet after his big Twitter outburst.

Recently, a tweet of Soto wishing death on Donald Trump and calling Puerto Rico a “slave colony” resurfaced. He would later delete the post and turned his Twitter account private.

Blue Beetle (Xolo Maridueña) accidentally slices a bus in half in Blue Beetle (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

“You must be the dumbest piece of s—t to cross twitter, right after Trump,” read Soto’s questionable tweet, before adding, “Puerto Rico is a slave colony of the USA.”

He went on, “Your passport was impossed on us, to there is nowhere else to go after your country s—ts on my land and blame ys for the stink. F—k you.”

Ángel Manuel Soto Twitter

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YouTuber and commentator Yellow Flash noticed and thinks this about-face was not solely the filmmaker’s doing. He believes Soto was ordered from on high by Warner Bros. — possibly from CEO David Zaslav himself — to straighten up and show some restraint. The reason is fairly obvious; they want Blue Beetle to successfully swim against the deluge that sank Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Soto also laughingly trolled the reaction to Batman being called a fascist in the trailer which left Yellow Flash wondering yet again why it’s so hard for Hollywood to put their product first over politics. These incidents are the latest by a director of a comic book movie or major franchise picture to discourage half the population from seeing said film.

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YF confesses he is no longer inclined to pay a theater to see Blue Beetle, and called out Soto for his mockery of fans. Using the term “fascist” to describe the Caped Crusader, for instance, was deliberate, YF says, because Soto and Hollywood know it is a “charged” word. The YouTuber then condemns “stupid political stances” and asks why those making them can’t shut up or simply promote a movie.

He thusly wonders if the new management, i.e. Zaslav or of DC, got to Soto to tell him to knock off the online behavior — or conceal it — so he doesn’t doom a movie WB is giving a chance. They canceled Batgirl for the tax benefits and nixed the initiative to make original DC movies for HBO Max, but vouchsafed Blue Beetle theatrically.

Susan Sarandon via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube

Those efforts, however, could be in vain as Susan Sarandon — who plays the film’s central villain — said her character represents the “white military-industrial complex.” YF noted this and remarked that it doesn’t make any sense when half the country has to go see her movie to make it profitable. “This is why Hollywood is in the sh—ter,” he said.

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