Sonya Deville Firearm Possession
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According to a report, WWE superstar Sonya Deville was arrested for possession of a firearm without a permit this past February. Plus, Matt Hardy provides an update on Jeff Hardy’s AEW status.

Sonya Deville – Firearm Possession

Deville was arrested last month in the state of New Jersey for having a handgun without a permit in Atlantic City. The incident reportedly happened on February 19th of this year.

As per Wrestling Inc., she was provided with an expedited permit for the firearm in Florida, her home state. This was following the stalker incident in 2020 that saw someone break into her house with the intent to kidnap her.

Deville, whose real name is Daria Berenato, was in Atlantic City to celebrate her recent engagement. Unfortunately, while there, she experienced a mix-up with a valet that resulted in a search of her car’s glove compartment.

The intent was to find her vehicle’s registration. The gun was found instead, and as such, the authorities were called.

More On Sonya Deville – Firearm Possession Arrest

Deville has not released a statement. With that said, it doesn’t look like she’ll face any repercussions with the WWE.

There’s a planned Madison Square Gardens match between her and Charlotte Flair taking place on March 12th. A venue announcement was sent out via Twitter, and Deville retweeted it.

While a permit should always be on hand, considering everything Daria has been through and the trauma she’s endured, it sounds like this was just a misunderstanding. Here’s hoping she can rectify this situation, soon.

Over to the land of AEW, many fans are wondering about Jeff Hardy’s return. His brother Matt offers some insight.

Jeff Hardy AEW Update

Jeff Hardy’s June 2022 DUI court case was officially closed as of February 23, 2023. He was acknowledged for serving 38 days in jail, and he is on probation for two years.

Sonya Deville Firearm Possession

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In addition, Hardy was fined $4,000, and his driver’s license has been suspended for 10 years. When he was arrested in June, AEW suspended Hardy without pay until he completed a substance abuse recovery program.

Matt Hardy recently gave fans an update on his brother during The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy show. He notes that the first thing Jeff did was go to Florida and participate in a rehab stint.

As Matt states, Jeff stayed there for 90 days and intensely worked on himself. After the program, he went weekly doing outpatient treatments.

All in all, his treatment spanned about 170 days. Matt reveals that while Jeff did rehab for 30 days in April 2021 with the WWE, it was challenging as their father was dying.

Matt states that this time, things were different. Jeff’s mentality had changed, and he was shaken at the thought that he could go to prison.

Jeff Hardy Wants To Help Others

In addition, Matt suggests that Jeff is focused on using his story to help others. He was recently part of an intervention for a friend.

During the show, an in-ring comeback was mentioned, and Matt states that this “hasn’t been talked about”. He makes it clear that it may happen, but then again, it may not happen.

Looks like Jeff Hardy is now focusing on the important thing in life, which is staying healthy. Only time will tell if he decides to return to the squared circle.

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