Reports Shows NFL Films ‘Maintained A Database’ Of Risque Shots Of Cheerleaders

A recent lawsuit has revealed that the production arm of the NFL maintained a file of inappropriate photos of cheerleaders and female fans

For years, NFL Films has served as the official production division of The League, and one of its main duties is to record and document gridiron history. The game’s very legacy is represented by thousands of hours of documentation within its hallowed archives.

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But it turns out that the video wing of the NFL may be up to less than pure pursuits as they film the football footage.  They reportedly maintained a database of inappropriate cheerleader butt, chest, and cleavage shots.

According to a Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday, a former NFL Film human resources employee filed a lawsuit against the company after it fired her last year for revealing that it kept “sexualized and offensive descriptions of women” in a curated database.

Russell alleges retaliation for bringing to light what she describes as extended files of footage that included descriptions like ‘cheerleaders buttocks’ and ‘cheerleader’s rear end.’ Others were marked under names such as ‘naughty camera work,’ ‘shot of endowed woman’, and ‘random woman, cleavage shot.’

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In response, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy stated that the images were marked “sensitive,” adding that they were to ensure that such footage wouldn’t be used in future productions. McCarthy also said that since NFL Films chronicles every frame by the camera, the division needed a proper taxonomy in place to flag inappropriate images.

NFL Films having such footage set aside may be part of their policy, but in terms of public relations, it’s yet another black eye on The League’s reputation

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Between complaints about the officiating on the field or the multiple brushes with the law off of it, the NFL is having some serious perception issues right now.

After several controversial plays in the postseason (two of the most egregious of which involved the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs), there were actually calls from some fans that the NFL was ‘rigged’. In essence, they alleged that outcomes were predetermined, like a WWE match or a Hollywood movie.

Several NFL stars, including most recently Alvin Kamara of the Saints, continue to have legal problems, as well. Overall, The League remains wildly popular on a global scale, but one has to wonder how many more image problems it will take before their kingdom begins to crumble.

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