more eddie kingston issues
source: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

WMaybe it’s something, maybe it’s nothing…are there more Eddie Kingston issues in AEW? Plus, where’s Tay Melo hiding?

More Eddie Kingston Issues?

He’s known to speak his mind, and sometimes that rubs folks the wrong way…but are there more Eddie Kingston issues in AEW?

AEW’s latest big show, Revolution, hits us Saturday. Ahead of the show, Kingston gave an interview with a Sacramento radio station to discuss things.

The Dynamite prior to Revolution is in Sacramento on Wednesday, hence the appearance on local radio.

Heading into the interview, Kingston was scheduled to be one of the participants in the “Face of the Revolution” ladder match.

But, listening to the interview, Kingston made us all wonder if that was going to happen.

He implied he might not even make it to Sacramento, stating he needed to “speak with the AEW office”.

In professional wrestling, that could be legit, or just part of a character or story.

With him, given his past? It makes us wonder if there are more, or new, Eddie Kingston issues in the back.

We know Kingston has been suspended in the past . After all, he’s had some notable clashes in the back.

more eddie kingston issues

source: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

While Sammy has his own share of issues, Eddie is no angel.

It’s going to be interesting to see what else comes out from this.

To be fair, this could just be some nuance and teasing of things, just Eddie being in character.

Whether or not Kingston was in character, he made it clear he needed to talk to folks in charge to work things out.  My gut says this is less about character and more about…something legit.

Stay tuned to see how this one turns out.

Where’s Tay Melo?

Speaking of Sammy Guevara…where’s Tay Melo hiding?

One of the hottest talents in all of professional wrestling, Tay Melo has been missing in action.

The last time she worked on AEW television, she took part in a particularly brutal tag match.

Melo recently made a podcast appearance and the topic of her absence came up.

She confirms that she’s nursing an injury, and is currently not cleared to return.

The AEW star is pushing to return soon. For now, her back is a bit jacked up from the match.

Another key point, she also noted that the back injury wasn’t actually new, but something she’s worked through for years.

more eddie kingston issues

source: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

If anything, it sounds like the demanding match exacerbated things, leading to her extended time out of the ring.

Many times, we see stars come back too fast. To Tay Melo’s credit, she was exceedingly complimentary about the doctors taking care of her, including those with AEW.

Seems all involved have been taking a conservative approach to her recovery. All in all, Tay Melo certainly seems eager to get back.

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