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‘Dr. Stone’ Season Three Sets Sail With Debut Trailer And Official Release Date Announcement

Dr. Stone fans, it’s time to get excited once again set sail across the Pacific Ocean, as TMS Entertainment has officially confirmed that the third season premiere date for their animated take on the popular scientific adventure series is just over the horizon.

Chrome, Ryusui, Senku, Ukyo and Gen in Dr. Stone Season 3 Trailer (2023), TMS Entertainment via Youtube
Chrome, Ryusui, Senku, Ukyo and Gen in the trailer for Dr. Stone: New World (2023), TMS Entertainment via Youtube

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Details regarding the release plans for Dr. Stone’s third season – officially subtitled Dr. Stone: New World – were first revealed on March 11th courtesy of a new trailer.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Dr. Stone New World will be covering the Treasure Island Arc of author Riichiro Inagaki and artist Boichi’s original manga. 

Therein, after finding that the Kingdom of Science’s supply of revival fluid has been depleted, protagonist Senku Ishigami (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi – Tenza Yamada Asaemon in Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku) sets out in search of a secret store of relevant materials supposedly hidden away on the eponymous Treasure Island.

kingdom of science
Ryusui Nanami, Suika and Ukyo in the trailer for Dr Stone: New World (2023), TMS Entertainment

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However, upon arriving to the island, the Sorcerer and his team discover that its inhabitants have all fallen victim to the series’ number one affliction: petrification.

Discovering the cause of this plight to be the local dictator Ibara and his abuse of the aptly named ‘Petrification Weapon’ against his own peoples, Senku and the crew of the Perseus proceed to offer their help in freeing Treasure Island from its plights.

Amaryllis in the trailer for Dr Stone: New World (2023), TMS Entertainment

According to the trailer, Dr. Stone: New World will – like an annoyingly growing number of productions – have its full episode count released in two separate cours, with its first part currently set to debut on April 6th.

For English speaking fans, same day simulcasts and a dub of Senku’s newest journey will both be provided by Crunchyroll [3], the former starting on the same day as the Japanese broadcast and the latter beginning two weeks later on April 20th.

Ryusui Nanami in the trailer for Dr Stone: New World (2023), TMS Entertainment

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