‘Blue Lock’ Announces Second Season, Cinematic Adaptation Of Spin-Off Manga ‘Episode Nagi’

The egos of Japan's top soccer prospects can't be stopped as 'Blue Lock' has officially announced a second season and cinematic film.

It looks like the egos of Isagi Yoichi and his fellow strikers are set to burn even brighter, as the hit anime-adaptation of Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yūsuke Nomura’s Blue Lock has recently been confirmed to be staying off the bench in favor of dashing headfirst into even more action.

Yoichi Isagi unleashes his ego in Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 11 "The Final Piece" (2022), Eight Bit
Yoichi Isagi unleashes his ego in Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 11 “The Final Piece” (2022), Eight Bit

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Following the conclusion of the anime’s first season finale, studio 8bit shared a 15-second trailer to the series’ official website announcing that Blue Lock would be receiving both a second season as well as a cinematic adaptation of its spin-off manga, Episode Nagi.

In the second season of Blue Lock, the eponymous training program’s current recruits will be faced with the possibility of their entire operation being shut down – that is, unless the chosen members of the Blue Lock Eleven can beat Japan’s U20 team, as led by Sae Itoshi.

Not only does a victory for the Eleven mean keeping the program’s door open, but it would also net the team an opportunity to advance their dreams of becoming the world’s best strikers and represent their country in the World Cup.

Jinpachi Ego
Jinpachi Ego in Blue Lock Episode 24 “The Time Has Come” (2023), 8bit via Twitter

The official Blue Lock anime website also released the casting information for the new players that fans can look forward to seeing on the field in season two.

Fan favorite soccer demon Ryusei Shidou (CV: Yuuichi Nakamura – Andy in Undead Unluck) is the number two ranked player in Blue Lock. A man who considers playing soccer to be a biological necessity, Shidou is the only other striker besides Rin Itoshi to have scored a goal against the elite World Select international team.

Ryusei Shidou in Blue Lock Episode 24 “The Time Has Come” (2023), 8bit via Official Website

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The third-ranked Tabito Karasu (CV: Makoto Furukawa – Taiju Ooki in Dr. Stone) has a reputation for utilizing his sharp analytical skills to pinpoint – and then thoroughly crush – the opposing team’s weak spot.

Tabito Karasu
Tabito Karasu in Blue Lock Episode 24 “The Time Has Come” (2023), 8bit via Official Website

While Karasu distracts the opponents, the number four ranked Eita “Shadow Striker” Otoya (CV: Kengo Kawanishi – Muichirou Tokito in Demon Slayer) makes use of his ninja lineage to swoop in from the shadows and steal goals.

Eita Otoya
Eita Otoya in Blue Lock Episode 24 “The Time Has Come” (2023), 8bit via Official Website

Meanwhile, the fifth-ranked Kenyuu Yukimiya (CV: Takuya Eguchi – Dot Barrett in Mashle) is a pacifist mobile striker who relies on his physique and speed to dance around and push past anyone who stands in his way.

Kenyuu Yukimiya
Kenyuu Yukimiya in Blue Lock Episode 24 “The Time Has Come” (2023), 8bit via Official Website

In regards to Episode Nagi, the cinematic film will focus on the events of the eponymous spin-off , which retells the story of the main series from the perspective of soccer prodigy Seishirou Nagi, beginning with his inspiration by Mikage Reo and going all the way through to his joining of Blue Lock.

episode nagi
Mikage Reo and Nagi Seishirou in Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Chapter 1 “A Genius” (2022), Kodansha. Words by Kaneshiro Muneyuki and Art by Sannomiya Koutaro via Digital Issue

In commemoration of Episode Nagi receiving an anime adaptation, its mangaka Kouta Sannomiya produced a new illustration depicting Nagi and Mikage opening a party ball in celebration of the news.

“Yay! It’s an Episode Nagi movie!” Sannomiya proclaimed in a message shared alongside the image (translated via DeepL). “We believe that this was decided thanks to all of you! Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to it!”

episode nagi
Kodansha’s Blue Lock-Episode Nagi’s Mikage Reo and Nagi Seishirou depicted by Sannomiya Koutaro via Twitter

As of this writing, 8bit has yet to confirm release dates for either Blue Lock Season 2 or Episode Nagi.

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