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Last week, we reported that the NFL legend Tom Brady had announced that he is retiring “for good” from playing professional football. Now, Brady has made a major announcement about what will come next for him in terms of his career. 

Brady’s Career Announcement 

The New York Post reported that Brady, 45, has revealed that he will be waiting until the fall of 2024 to take a spot in the Fox Sports’ top NFL broadcast booth after signing a 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox last year.

“Decompression’s really important,” Brady said when asked about his future plans. “You’re on this really crazy treadmill, hamster wheel for a long time, loving the moment and journey. At the same time, it’s a daily fight.

“I have appreciation for so many people that are so committed every day to showing up, to put their max effort into their life and career,” he added. “For me, I want to be great at what I do — talking, even last week, with the people at Fox Sports, and the leadership there, allowing me to start my Fox opportunity in 2024, something that’s great for me.”

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Brady Doesn’t Want To ‘Rush Into Anything’

Brady went on to say that it’s important to him that he doesn’t “rush into anything” when it comes to his future.

“So, take some time to really learn, become great at what I want to do, become great about thinking about the opportunity, and making sure I don’t rush into anything,” Brady explained. “When people really bet on me, whether it was when I was drafted by the Patriots or signing in free agency with the Bucs, I wanted to be fully committed and I never wanted to let people down. I think my biggest motivator was that.”

“So, even in the future, I want to be great at what I do, and that always takes some time and strategizing and learning and growing and evolving, and I have so many people I can rely on that can support me in that growth too,” he continued. “It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to take some time and really become [great] at my Fox broadcasting job, which I’m really looking forward to, but also catching up on other parts of my life that need some time and energy.”

Brady’s announcement means that Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen will be back next season as the top broadcasting team.

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Brady Retires

This comes one week after Brady retired from the NFL following a storied 23 year career. 

“I’m retiring — for good. I know the process was a pretty big deal last time,” the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said in a video posted to his social media pages. “So, when I woke up this morning, I figured I’d just press record and let you guys know first. So, I won’t be long-winded. You only get one super emotional retirement essay and I used mine up last year.”

“My family, my friends, my teammates, my competitors,” he continued. “I could go over forever, there’s too many. Thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute dream. I wouldn’t change a thing. Love you all.”

It has been a difficult few months for Brady, as he divorced his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen back in October after thirteen years of marriage. Given the fact that this is a time of great change for Brady both personally and professionally, he’s likely making the right decision to take a break before starting his next career. 

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