‘Logan’ Director James Mangold Shares Hint He Is Up For New ‘Swamp Thing’ Movie at DC Studios

A serious offer from DC is on the table for James Mangold to direct a DC movie and he is likely circling Swamp Thing.

DC Studios and James Gunn are in negotiations with a director for the Swamp Thing movie announced Wednesday as part of their slate dubbed “Gods and Monsters.” Word is that they are circling Logan and Ford v Ferrari filmmaker James Mangold for the developing re-reboot of the mossy supernatural property. However, things will take some time to get rolling.

Teaser image of Swamp Thing (2019)

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Deadline reveals talks are in very early stages and “nothing is set in stone” as the project is too bogged down in preliminary development for a worthwhile script to be drafted. Still, a huge Swamp Thing fan, Mangold is the favorite to nab the assignment. DC is said to be “stoked” and an offer is on the table.

The director is equally excited based on a tease he posted indicating talks are serious and going places. On Twitter, Mangold posted an illustration by Swampy co-creator Bernie Wrightson with no caption except for a soliloquy in the corner of the page. When the classic piece was noticed by his preferred production designer, Mangold revealed the choice was no accident.

James Mangold Twitter

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“You picked a glorious piece of artwork. Bernie Wrightson. Big fan,” replied Logan and Wolverine Production Designer Francois Auduoy. Well, so is Mangold – to the point he owns the Wrightson artwork in question. “I agree! And I didn’t have to reach far, Francois,” he tweeted back. “It hangs above my desk!” Gunn also retweeted the art.

James Mangold Twitter

This is a good sign but don’t expect Swamp Thing to enter pre-production until at least next year. Mangold’s immediate focus is Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, a summer blockbuster sequel with a chaotic production history marred by reshoots and alleged bad screen tests. Added to that is the film’s costar Phoebe Waller-Bridge who reports claim has become an albatross on the franchise.

Mangold has the unenviable task of downplaying the rumors miring anticipation for the fifth installment in the Indy saga, and once all of it is behind him, he will put his attention on a Bob Dylan biopic called A Complete Unknown starring Dune’s Timothée Chalamet in the main role. As Deadline predicts, “Swamp Thing…would be very far out.”

Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus HC. Cover Art by Karl Kerschl

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