Leonardo DiCaprio Can Make Pearl-Clutching Progressives & Conservatives Happy By Dating A Man His Own Age

Progressives and conservatives normalized deviancy yet want people to be outraged over Leonardo DiCaprio dating women.

Progressives and conservatives freaked out this week over their mistaken belief that Leonardo DiCaprio is romancing another younger woman. Despite this error, the pearl-clutching left and right continue going after him for his dating habits. And it’s all quite amusing because if DiCaprio was dating a man his own age, progressives and conservatives would be gushing over him.

Leonardo DiCaprio in a meme-famous screenshot from 'Django Unchained' (2012).
‘Django Unchained’ (2012), Columbia Pictures

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“We don’t care what anyone does in the privacy of their own bedroom!” Such is the refrain from the left and right. Yet curiously enough, both sides of the uni-ideology care very much about DiCaprio’s bedroom privacy. And so when they mistakenly thought that he was dating another younger woman, they lost their minds.

“Twitter EXPLODES with memes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s 29-YEAR age gap ‘romance’ with Eden Polani – as users call out other inappropriate pairings with the same age difference – from Stranger Things’ Hopper and Eleven to Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us,” screamed an exceptionally long Feb. 7 headline from The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail screeches about Leonardo DiCaprio dating younger women.
‘Twitter EXPLODES with memes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s 29-YEAR age gap ‘romance’ with Eden Polani – as users call out other inappropriate pairings with the same age difference – from Stranger Things’ Hopper and Eleven to Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us’ (2023), The Daily Mail

And that wasn’t enough. The Daily Mail had another hysterical Feb. 7 headline about the non-story. “‘She’s so young, her high school education was interrupted by COVID’: Twitter users slam DiCaprio, 48, over ‘romance’ with Eden Polani, 19, who is younger than Titanic movie.”

Oh, my. Twitter users “slammed” him? How stunning and brave. And “slammed” appears to be the word all the cool kids are using in their freak out over nothing. “Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, slammed over ‘romance’ with Eden Polani, 19,” bawled a Feb. 7 headline from The New York Post.

The New York Post cries about Leonardo DiCaprio dating younger women.
‘Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, slammed over ‘romance’ with Eden Polani, 19’ (2023), The New York Post

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Again, apparently DiCaprio isn’t even dating Polani. But who cares if he was? What’s unusual about a man finding a woman attractive? Nothing. And yet progressives and conservatives have joined together to form an outrage mob about it.

It’s even more bizarre when considering how both progressives and conservatives think same-sex relationships are perfectly normal. These people are weird. They are flat-out strange; they have the most bizarre belief systems and illogical ways of thinking.

Conservative hero Dave Rubin celebrates his use of women to breed babies.
Dave Rubin Twitter Account

“But it’s the age difference! The age difference! It’s so abnormal!” they scream. No it isn’t. Large age differences in relationships between men and women are relatively common. Not only that, but these same pearl-clutchers don’t think there’s anything wrong with large age differences when it comes to sodomy.

Buzzfeed ran a 2015 story examining “What It’s Like To Be A Lesbian Couple With A 20-Plus-Year Age Difference.” And the august Daily Mail published this 2019 story: “YouTuber, 24, who is engaged to her girlfriend, 61, hits back at critics of their 37-year age gap – and insists they are ‘very proud’ of their relationship.”

Conservative hero Spencer Klavan boasts of fake marrying another guy.
Spencer A. Klavan Twitter Account

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And the esteemed Elle Magazine ran a 2020 column with the titillating title of, “‘I Had A Lesbian Affair With My Older, Married Boss’.”

And in case anyone wants to go with the, “But DiCaprio is a high-profile person! That’s why we’re talking about him!” defense, that still doesn’t work, because both progressives and conservatives are fine with actress Sarah Paulson being in a relationship with actress Holland Taylor, who is over 30 years older than her. Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine, and Larry King have all happily talked about it.

Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson in 2016.
‘Sarah Paulson Makes Red Carpet Debut With Girlfriend Holland Taylor at the Critics’ Choice Awards’ (2016), Entertainment Tonight YouTube

So progressives and conservatives losing their minds over DiCaprio dating younger women is just a bunch of nonsense. Literally, who cares if he does? Who cares if any man does?

Progressives and conservatives have normalized sodomy and every other deviancy. So no one cares about something normal like age differences between a man and a woman. They might as well leave this stupid non-story alone and go find something else to be outraged about.

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