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Things took a weird turn on “The View” once again on Tuesday morning, when Joy Behar tried to defend her beloved Joe Biden from accusations that he’s too old to run for president again by bizarrely attempting to show fans how limber she is at the age of 80.

Behar Sounds Off

Entertainment Weekly reported that Behar fired back at those who feel that Biden is not fit to lead the country as the oldest president in U.S. history.

“Joe Biden and I are the same age,” Behar said. “Would you say I could not do my job for the next four years? Of course I can.”

“And the haters can go stick their heads in something, because I’m not moving out of this seat,” she added. 

When co-host Sara Haines revealed that Behar is so flexible that she does “splits backstage,” the 80 year-old liberal proceeded to lift her leg and place it on the panel’s table. 

Behar and Biden were born just one month apart in 1942, with her birthday being on October 7 and his being on November 20.

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Behar Has ‘No Plans To Retire’

Just after she celebrated her 80th birthday last fall, Behar defiantly said that she has “no plans to retire.”

“I just signed a contract so I’ll be here for a while,” Behar told People Magazine around the time of her birthday. “I have no plans to retire.”

“It’s really, you know, something that is an important show in many ways,” she went on to say of the ABC talk show. “Sometimes I don’t believe that, as I’ve been here since the beginning, but we’re the most-watched show in daytime. Most-watched! I’m happy to be a part of it. So no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m having a good time.”

Behar was one of the original hosts of “The View” when it premiered back in 1997, and though she was inexplicably fired in 2013, she was brought back two years later and has remained on the show ever since. She claimed to TIME that she was “glad to be fired” when it happened. 

“I basically was sick of the show at that point for some reason,” she said. “I don’t even remember why.”

Behar also claimed that she doesn’t need “The View” to maintain a platform. 

“I’m sort of on extra time now. I don’t have to work. I don’t have to be on television,” she said. “I don’t have to have the microphone. They want to give it to me, I’ll take it.”

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Biden’s Age Concerns

People Magazine reported that if Biden wins again in 2024, he will be 82 years-old when he is sworn in to the presidency. He’s attempted to laugh off the growing concerns over his cognitive abilities in the past.

“Look, all you got to do is watch me. I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against,” Biden said in July of 2020.

The former President Jimmy Carter, 98, has said that he could not be president if he were Biden’s age.

“If I were just 80 years old, if I was 15 years younger, I don’t believe I could undertake the duties I experienced when I was president,” he told the Associated Press in 2019.

It remains to be seen whether or not Biden will run for president in 2024. Behar might want to think twice before she compares him to herself if she wants him to win, however, because that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement for any president. 

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