James Gunn Responds To ‘Doom Patrol’ And ‘Titans’ Ending After Four Seasons

James Gunn makes it clear that canceling Doom Patrol and Titans after four seasons was not his decision and precedes him.

More of the DC Multiverse left over from before the Warner Bros. Discovery era is going away with the ending of HBO Max’s Titans and Doom Patrol after four seasons. Far from an announcement out of left field, producers are said to have seen this coming, considering the company’s constant downsizing, and will try to wrap both shows up in a satisfactory manner.

Nightwing in Titans, HBO Max

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By way of the trades and ComicBookMovie, an HBO Max spokesperson issued a statement on this development. “While these will be the final seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol, we are very proud of these series and excited for fans to see their climactic endings,” it began. “We are grateful to Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television for making such thrilling, action-packed, heartfelt series.”

It continued, “We thank Titans showrunner Greg Walker, executive producers Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns, Richard Hatem, and the team at Weed Road Pictures…For Doom Patrol, we celebrate showrunner Jeremy Carver and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns, Chris Dingess, and Tamara Becher-Wilkinson.” 

Robot Man and Crazy Jane in Doom Patrol, HBO Max

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The statement went on to express admiration for devoted viewership.

“For four seasons, fans have fallen in love with the Titans and Doom Patrol, investing in their trials and tribulations, and in their legendary battles saving the world time and time again,” it said. Extensions of the Berlanti Arrowverse, the Patrol, and the Titans began on the former DC Universe app before moving to HBO Max and becoming Max Originals.

A few have reported their cancellation was James Gunn’s idea. “With @DCDoomPatrol and @DCTitans officially ending due to the new direction of James Gunn and Safran. All the fans can say is good luck. It’s a mighty big hill you have to climb to win the majority of fans over who enjoyed the shows and movies. I’ll be kicking my feet up waiting,” tweeted Adam Gorman.

Adam Gorman Twitter

However, the DC Studio executive dispelled this notion. “The decision to end the series precedes us. But I certainly wish the best for the talented group of creators, actors, and the rest of the crew that produced both shows,” he responded. 

James Gunn Twitter

It could be then that the decision came directly from WBD head David Zaslav who’s been trimming fat for months.

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