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Godzilla “A Big Part” Of Apple TV’s MonsterVerse Series That Is Set To Introduce New Titans And Overlap With Adam Wingard-Helmed Film

You may have wondered what is going on with the MonsterVerse TV series from Legendary that is coming to Apple TV Plus as there hasn’t been much lately talked about on that front. Well, with the series ready to hit streaming, there are exciting updates to report and they come directly from showrunner and writer Matt Shakman.

King crowned in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

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During an interview with Collider [2], the former WandaVision string puller teased the MonsterVerse show will have visual effects like its cinematic brethren and Godzilla will show up in perhaps a large enough capacity to brag about. “…Godzilla…has a very important role to play, and how he factors into the series is a big part of it,” Shakman said.

On the budget for VFX, he added, “You always run out of money eventually, even if it’s Harry Potter or Star Wars, Star Trek, Godzilla, you run out of money. But it’s less about carrying out shots, although eventually, you have to do that, and more just about storytelling.” And how much Godzilla was “going to factor into the story” was a consideration.

Godzilla and Kong asserting dominance in Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

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He wasn’t the only one, however, as Shakman further added “he’s not the only Titan that you’re gonna meet along the way.” In other words, expect some VFX-heavy shots. “So there’s, yeah, there’s a VFX conversation constantly happening in that.” The only question left is what Titans viewers can hope will emerge. Toho could provide some or Legendary may create whole new ones.

The additions of the MUTOs, Behemoth, the Warbats, and Titanus Doug to the extended MonsterVerse went over extremely well which ought to encourage Legendary to try coming up with more. Conversely, there are the monsters from the comics we haven’t seen on screen yet from the bat-god Camazotz to Godzilla’s undersea rival Tiamat to the MUTO Prime.

Godzilla returns to the sea in Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla (2014)

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With the Apple series taking place in the mid-2010s between Legendary’s first Godzilla movie and its sequel King of the Monsters, as it turns out, all of the above is quite possible. Kong: Skull Island falls into that time frame too so denizens of the lost locale are also likely to appear. Some “overlap” is guaranteed including with the next movie.

“There is some overlap, though we were not heavily involved in talking about it with Adam Wingard and his team [on Godzilla and Kong],” Shakman explained. “Legendary is the studio for our show, as well as for the films, and so they sort of sit at the juncture there between the two, and they have a mythology department there which is wonderful.”

Godzilla uses Atomic Breath to kill Female Muto in Godzilla (2014), Warner Bros. Pictures

He continued, ”So they weigh in on how things might overlap, how certain creatures need to stay on one side or the other, and so there is a lot of conversation about it.” But things won’t connect as heavily as the MCU does – “…it’s not as involved to say, an MCU kind of Disney+ film crossover. It’s less organized.”

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