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The Philadelphia Eagles came up short in the Super Bowl last night in a close game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and let’s just say their fans did not take the loss well.

Eagles Fans Lose It

Before the game even started, video went viral of Eagles fans flipping a car in Philadelphia, according to Daily Mail. Some can be heard shouting “No, don’t do it” in the above footage before the car is completely flipped over by rowdy fans. 

The Eagles ultimately lost the game by a score of 38-35, and fans immediately took to the streets of Philadelphia to let their frustrations be known. Fox News reported that police were forced to issue warnings after fans started lighting fireworks in the middle of the streets. 

The New York Post reported that police deployed smoke bombs around 11 p.m. in order to get the crowds to disperse. While some fans were seen being arrested, it has not been revealed how many were actually taken into custody.

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Patrick Mahomes Gets Emotional 

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes could not help but become emotional after his team’s win.

“We played our asses off in that second half,” he said minutes after the win, according to The Daily Express. “We found a way. I just want to thank everyone. We battled to the f****** end. Sorry for my language.”

“Not one of y’all said the chiefs were gonna take it home this year,” he added. “Not one of y’all. Feel that sh**. Feel it and on top of that, next time the chiefs say something, put some respect on our names.”

Mahomes is now a two-time Super Bowl winner in just his fifth season as a starter in the NFL. Despite this, he was reluctant to say that he’s creating a dynasty with this win. 

“I’m not gonna say dynasty, because we’re not done, so I’m not gonna say dynasty yet,” he said. 

Head coach Andy Reid was quick to praise Mahomes, saying, “He’s the MVP. That’s all that needs to be said, right? MVP. You saw that tonight.”

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Kelce Brothers Sound Off

Eagles player Jason Kelce spoke out after the game to congratulate his younger brother Travis, who plays for the Chiefs. 

“Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. I was a little emotional when I saw my mom and dad. Trav I was not too emotional about. I was just like, ‘F— you, congratulations,'” he said, according to ESPN

“It was an awesome two weeks for our family,” he added. “I’m really happy for Trav, the Chiefs. There’s a lot of people I know over there in Kansas City that are a big reason why I’m even in Philadelphia, including head coach Andy Reid. Frustrated we didn’t win but certainly happy for those guys.”

Travis took the high road when talking about his win. 

“There’s nothing you can really say to a loved one in a situation like that. You joke around all the time and say you want to beat your brother on the biggest stage, but it’s a weird feeling,” he said. “That team had great leadership, great coaches, and it came down to the end. We have all the respect in the world for those Eagles. There’s nothing I can say to him other than I love him and he played a hell of a year, a hell of a season.”

Perhaps Eagles fans can take a page out of Jason’s playbook when it comes to dealing with this loss. After all, it’s only football, so it’s not really worth rioting in the streets over.