WATCH: Buddy Kofoid Rides The Wall And Wrecks Out While Leading In Wild Tuesday Night At Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals

Lucas Oil Chili Bowl National favorite Buddy Kofoid wrecked while leading during Tuesday nights Chili Bowl prelimary.

Lucas Oil Chili Bowl National favorite Buddy Kofoid wrecked while leading during Tuesday nights Chili Bowl prelimary.

Buddy Kofoid gets towed off the track at Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals 2023 via FloRacing

The race started with a four car pileup on the first lap that included NASCAR driver Alex Bowman, who saw his chances of qualifying for Saturday’s A-Main significantly increased after he got caught up in Daison Pursley coming to a complete stop while challenging Kofoid for the lead.

Also caught up in the accident was Darin Naida and Devin Borden.

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Borden would return to the race, but a lap later would end up flipping over multiple times going into turn 3. The wreck would end his night.

The race would eventually get back to green, but it wouldn’t be green for long as Hank Davis and Michael Pickens racing for second saw Davis slide up the track in order to secure the position, but ended up taking out Pickens and sending him flipping through the air.

Hank Davis and Michael Pickens make contact during Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals Preliminary Feature via FloRacing

After the race got back to green, Buddy Kofoid found himself caught up in a wreck between Daison Pursely and Damion Gardner with 22 laps to go.

As you can see below, Kofoid attempts to ride the wall to avoid the wreck after he committed to the outside. However, it doesn’t work out and he ends up destroying his midget’s front end.

Here’s another look from Kofoid’s on board camera. As he enters the turn the green flag is still out. After entering the turn the yellow flag comes out and Kofoid doesn’t have enough time to get his vehicle slowed down to avoid the wreck. Instead he opts to ride the wall to avoid Gardner’s midget.

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Hank Davis would take advantage of Kofoid’s misfortune and lead the rest of the way albeit he was challenged by Spencer Bayston, who came from 12th to finish in second. Bayston did grab the lead at one point, but Davis took it back from in the next turn.

Bayston would also face challenges for second from Jade Avedisian, who eventually finished in third. He also faced a challenge from Kaylee Bryson, who finished in sixth.

Kyle Jones also challenged Bayston at one point, but he settled in for a fourth place finish. Jonathan Beason, who also had a back and forth with Bryson throughout the race finished in fifth.

With the win, Davis secured a spot in Saturday’s A-Main race. Bayston also secured a spot with his second place finish.

Jade Avedisian, Kyle Jones, Jonathan Beason, Kaylee Bryson, Chance Crum, and Tim McCreadie head to the B-Main races on Saturday.

Zach Daum, Kameron Key, Jordan Kinser, Daison Pursley, Jake Bubak, and Justin Zimmerman qualified for the C-Mains.

Kofoid joins Mariah Ede, Preston Lattomus, AJ Bender, Brendon Wiseley, and Damion Gardner in the D-Mains on Saturday. He will have to finish in the Top 5 of the D and C-Main and then in the top seven from the B-Main in order to make Saturday night’s A-Main race.

Michael Pickens, Devon Borden, Alex Bowman, and Darin Naida will have to work even harder to make the A-Main as they will be in the E-Mains on Saturday night.

Buddy Kofoid at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals 2023 via FloRacing

What do you make of Kofoid’s wall ride move?

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