Former G4 TV Host Frosk Announces She Is “Leaving The Industry,” Blames Peers For Failing To “Stand Up For Others”

Former G4 host Frosk announces leaving "the industry," noting that issues could have been prevented if her peers "all stood up together."

Former G4 TV host Indiana “Frosk” Black announces she’s “leaving the industry,” noting that issues leading to her decision could have been prevented if her peers “all stood up together.”

Indiana "Frosk" Black closes out her infamous 'Sexism in Gaming' rant via G4 Xplay YouTube
Indiana “Frosk” Black closes out her infamous ‘Sexism in Gaming’ rant via G4 Xplay YouTube

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Frosk recently shared the news on Twitter, declaring, “I’ve been angry for a long time with my peers for not using their power and voice to stand up for others in the industry. Had to come to some hard terms that people who I’d known for years, who I thought were good friends, just weren’t. Devastated me for a long time.”

Archive Link Indiana "Frosk" Black alludes to her friends not "standing up" for others in "the industry" via Twitter
Archive Link Indiana “Frosk” Black alludes to her friends not “standing up” for others in “the industry” via Twitter

“Anyway, I’m leaving the industry – found new work elsewhere. This industry is really messed up, and what happened to me, and plenty of others, wasn’t fair,” Frosk alluded to. “And it could have been avoided if we had all stood up together. You let me down, but I get why. Cheers and goodluck.”

Archive Link Indiana "Frosk" Black states she's leaving "the industry" via Twitter
Archive Link Indiana “Frosk” Black states she’s leaving “the industry” via Twitter

YouTuber Ryan Kinel had little sympathy, opening his video pointing out that “G4 found out the hard way” what happens when a company hires “activists” that are focused on “the woke agenda and identity politics” over respecting the viewers; shifting blame to Frosk as the “biggest reason” the G4 revival failed.

Under the assumption Frosk was leaving the gaming industry — or at least entertainment based upon gaming — Kinel’s denouncement continues, “When you behave the way she does, when you treat gamers the way she did, no one’s gonna want to hire you anymore. No one’s gonna want to bring a cancer, like Frosk, into their company.”

“A disgusting SJW, who will do anything they can to torpedo the company for millions, that she gets to say whatever she wants to the audience,” he added.

Kinel took Frosk’s comments as her being annoyance at her peers for failing to defend the former G4 host after her outburst (and preceding incorrect comments on gaming that led to the outburst), insisting she is unable to find work in the industry and trying to “paint herself as the victim.”

Frosk’s may refer to her involvement with the revival of G4 TV, and backlash towards the show as a whole. It should be noted, though, that a controversy involving Frosk may have gotten the ball rolling.

Indiana "Frosk" Black shows critics the way out in 'Making Games Accessible For Everyone,' Xplay YouTube
Indiana “Frosk” Black shows critics the way out in ‘Making Games Accessible For Everyone,’ Xplay YouTube

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G4’s revival crashed and burned, with practically the first major headline about the show setting the tone. Frosk ranted about sexism in gaming and claimed viewers who prefer Sessler’s work to hers were sexist, despite them both “reading the exact same script.” She also claimed fans disliked her because they didn’t find her “as bangable as the previous hosts.”

“So maybe, for 2022, we be a bit nicer, a bit more self-reflective, and we enjoy the fact that people are working hard to make free content for you. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. PEACE,” Frosk concluded her rant.

Combined with comments from Sessler tweeting “Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink piss,” viewers seemingly felt G4 was combative.

Starfield Has Gone Too Far! No More Open World Games! via Xplay, YouTube

G4 started losing at least 1,000 YouTube subscribers a day following Frosk’s rant, only made worse with the former G4 host doubling down and telling viewers to read feminist literature to educate themselves. Senior Vice President Blair Herter echoed Frosk’s earlier argument, stating on LinkedIn, “If you don’t HEAR the [rant], unfollow me and don’t watch us. We’re not for you.”

G4 seemingly took aboard or mocked their most common complaints — with a Price is Right-style gameshow segment including popular Vtubers as guests, streamer Amouranth in a bikini engaging in suggestive acts, and female host JustaMinx (pretending to be outraged, jealous, and under the false impression Amouranth would replace her) getting slapped in the face with meat.

Adam Sessler and Frosk talk the Xplay Game Awards! via Xplay Live, G4 YouTube
Adam Sessler and Frosk talk the Xplay Game Awards! via Xplay Live, G4 YouTube

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Even months after Frosk’s rant, the bad news kept growing. Herter quit, viewer numbers tumbled, network president Russell Arons also quit less than a year into the job, and 20 to 30 staff members were laid off. The latter saw Frosk tweeting an image with a caption that read, “I survived” and her own text “Let’s play some games, yo.”

Mere days after that tweet, Frosk revealed she was no longer working at G4, less than a year after its launch. It had not been confirmed whether Frosk quit, was fired, or laid off. Comcast officially shut down G4 the following month, which is exactly 11 months after it launched.

Archive Link Indiana “Frosk” Black seemingly celebrates surviving the G4 layoffs

Sessler was driven into a frenzy shortly thereafter, threatening violence against those mocking him, along with “your Mom” jokes and vitriol against even those highlighting G4 and his own flaws in a less antagonistic way.

Recently, amid another anti-gamer rant, Sessler claimed that he was “out of games/entertainment because I founded an AI company that was bought by Reddit.”

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