executives claim no changes
source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot

As the rumors continue to swirl, executives and WWE leadership spoke to Superstars on Friday and claim no changes are coming. Plus, reports have emerged that Vince McMahon clashed with daughter Stephanie.

Executives Claim No Changes

It’s been a crazy start to 2023, with rumors swirling following a big return. Ahead of SmackDown this week, executives spoke to talent and claim no changes are coming.

Specifically, Kevin Dunn and Triple H spoke to Superstars prior to SmackDown.

During the talent-only meeting, Hunter and Dunn both were noted to have told the roster that Vince is not going to be taking back creative control.

That is big, if true.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful had this report:

Again, big if true.

For now, we have to take Triple H at his word.

executives claim no changes

source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot

However, we’ve seen his father in law in action for decades.

If nothing else, we know Vince will do whatever is best for Vince. We’ve seen as much in the past few weeks.

While Vince might not be calm, cool and collected…he has to realize keeping things stable in the creative realm is good for business.

After all, since Triple H started running things, it’s hard not to notice the improvement in the on-air product.

An improved on-air product makes a sale more attractive.

McMahon Clashed With Daughter

In other news that surely won’t shock anyone, Vince McMahon clashed with daughter Stephanie.

That stunning reveal comes from the Wrestling Observer.

If we are to believe the brilliant Meltzer, father and daughter had issues working together.

Like, long-standing issues…and it’s quite likely that those issues at least in part contributed to her resignation.

Of course, there may be many other reasons as to why she stepped away.

And perhaps, if and when a sale goes through (and depending on the new owner), maybe we see Stephanie return.

To be honest,  I can’t say I am shocked at the report.

Vince McMahon has a long running history of being a control freak. If we reported on every time Vince did a re-write…that’s all we would have ever covered.

executives claim no changes

source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

I mean…why would we think Vince would be nicer or gentler with one of his own?

Sure, she had a nice run…but we did already see signs of this last year.

As Stephanie was pushed out for her leave of absence, reports came out putting a lot of blame on her for things.

The way she was basically pushed out-of her father’s company-that’s not something you really expect in a family business, if those ties are strong.

Add in the idea that neither Stephanie nor Triple H was in favor of Vince’s return, nor his intent to sell?

We get it, father and daughter clashed, and Stephanie exited.

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