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Ellen DeGeneres is being roasted on social media after she blamed the current flooding in California on climate change.

‘Mother Nature Is Not Happy With Us’

DeGeneres, 64, took to Instagram to post a video in which she claimed that though her ritzy town of Montecito, California had been ordered to evacuate, she and her wife Portia de Rossi had been told to “shelter in place.” 

“We are on higher ground so they asked us to shelter in place,” she said. “Please stay safe everyone.”

DeGeneres went on to point out that this was happening on the fifth anniversary of the “fire and mudslides that killed [so many] people and people lost their homes, their lives.”

“This is crazy — five-year anniversary,” she continued. “We are having unprecedented rain. This creek next door to our house never flows, ever.”

DeGeneres is just one of many celebrities that live in Montecito, with others including Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Oprah Winfrey. The former “Ellen DeGeneres Show” star concluded her video with a ridiculous attempt at blaming the flooding on climate change. 

“We need to be nicer to Mother Nature,” DeGeneres said. “Because Mother Nature is not happy with us.”

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DeGeneres Gets Roasted

Unfortunately for DeGeneres, however, social media users are having a field day with her feeble attempt to blame the flooding on climate change:

Radiologist and National Review contributor Pradheep Shankher hilariously joked that Mother Nature “hates” DeGeneres because of the way she treated her employees on her former talk show, which was infamously embroiled in a “toxic workplace scandal” a few years ago.

Feminist writer Joanna Schroeder expressed no sympathy for DeGeneres after a clip resurfaced of the comedian conducting an incredibly awkward and aggressive interview with the singer Taylor Swift. 

“I would find this fascinating … Except yesterday I was shown video of Ellen harassing young Taylor Swift about the guys she’s dated despite Swift literally begging her to stop, setting a boundary again and again, and clearly nearly crying,” Schroeder wrote. “As a woman, it made my stomach turn.” 

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California Storms

This comes after 120,000 people in California lost power due to a massive rain storm, according to Outsider. Storms have been ravaging California in recent weeks, killing twelve people since New Year’s Day. Experts have warned that these storms will likely continue for weeks and months to come, much to the dismay of the people of California. 

“Storms are likely to resume during February and March,” said AccuWeather Lead Meteorologist Paul Pastelok. “Just probably not to the magnitude as is occurring now and what is likely to continue through mid-January.”

Unsurprisingly, DeGeneres isn’t the only public figure trying to blame what’s happening in California on climate change, as the state’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has been doing so as well.

“Hot’s getting a lot hotter,” Newsom said in an interview earlier this week, according to Fox News. “Dry’s getting a lot dryer. But the wet’s getting a lot wetter, as well.”

Out-of-touch liberal celebrities like DeGeneres will blame absolutely any bad weather event on climate change, but in the end, all they’re accomplishing is showing how ignorant they are to the entire world. 

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