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X-Pac To Join NXT?, WWE Stable Scrapped

After his most recent appearance, is X-Pac going to join NXT? And, WWE was going to bring back a stable before changing their mind.

X-Pac To Join NXT?

Sean Waltman [1] has been wrestling for a few decades, making a name for himself in many places. He is probably best known for his several stints in WWE.

His most popular run occurred as X-Pac. He left WCW for WWE and instantly joined the new version of DX [2].

All these years later and Waltman is somewhat retired. Although, he has been appearing on WWE TV as of late.

He was on RAW [3] for the 25th anniversary of DX. Then, less than two weeks ago, he was spotted at NXT helping Shawn Michaels. 

During a media call, Michaels took questions to hype Deadline. He was asked if NXT had room for Waltman and Michals did not dismiss the question.

“I know that he’s been getting back in there, here and there” said Michaels. “I’ve got to tell you, he’s in the best shape he’s been in [for] a long, long time.” 

“He looks fantastic. Obviously, that would be something I’d have to run up the flagpole and everything, but talent would benefit from that so much.” 

“I know he’d have a blast. So look, if that is an option that we are allowed to explore, I’d jump all over it.”

Waltman appeared with Michaels to help with the Iron Survivor Challenge. It is a new gimmick match that will be debut at Deadline for male and female superstars.

“We were all busy just trying to work,” said Michaels. “We can’t just pick it up and do it off the cuff like we used to.”

“So, by the time we did the panel and everything, he was really focused on helping us out to get that done. Clearly we [benefit] as a program if we just have [him] doing anything for us.”

 With Michaels and Triple H having stroke, perhaps Waltman gets another run.

WWE Stable Scrapped

X-Pac Join NXT
Source: @TheWrestlingCov, Twitter, Screenshot

Back in 2015, WWE put Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and Wade Barrett together in a stable. Since they are from different parts of the world, they were called The League of Nations.

For the most part, the stable did not accomplish much. Considering the list of superstars involved, they should have been more of a force.

While on 10 Count with Steve Fall [4], Mojo Rawly mentioned how WWE wanted to bring the group back. Although, the members would be different.

“They were talking about me, Cesaro and Shinsuke doing a new League of Nations thing, with me playing on the Arab background,” said Rawly. “I believe that ran right into when I got COVID really bad and had to stop wrestling.”

The pandemic certainly caused WWE to make many changes. With no fans present and money being drained, WWE decided to release tons of people.

Cesaro and Rusev both went to AEW. Rawley has not wrestled since leaving WWE, so he works for TMZ Sports.

Shinsuke [10] is the only wrestler who is still with WWE. Although, he needs a bigger role.