UFC Veteran Jake Shields Physically Confronts Mike Jackson After Jackson Called Him A “Nazi” On Twitter And In-Person At UFC Performance Institute

UFC veteran Jake Shields physically confronts Mike Jackson who called him a "Nazi" on Twitter and in-person at the UFC Performance Institute.

Leftists have become accustomed to calling their political opponents Nazis on social media without consequence, they aren’t used to their enemies confronting them physically for their words.

Jake Shields via The MMA Replay YouTube

UFC Veteran Jake Shields is a former EliteXC Welterweight Champion as well as a Strikeforce Middleweight Champion. Needless to say, you don’t want to be on his bad side. But that is what MMA fighter Mike Jackson did this weekend and he paid a big price for it.

Shields (33-11-1 MMA) is known for his outspoken stances on all things from politics to race on social media. Shields’ takes have won him a lot of fans and a lot of enemies. One of those enemies, Jackson, has called Shields a Nazi and white nationalist on Twitter.

Mike Jackson after His UFC 225 Win Against CM Punk

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Last week at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Shields confronted his online foe and things got ugly for Jackson. Shields posted a video of his fight with Jackson on Twitter writing, “Finally ran into the b**** Mike Jackson. He quickly discovered the difference between calling people Nazis In person vs on Twitter.”

Shields added, “This racist is lucky so many people were there to save his pathetic racist a**.”

The footage shows Shields on top of Jackson in a mount position as he holds him down and hits him outside of the UFC cage. Jackson is seen on the ground unable to get up asking, “Can someone get this motherf***er off me?”

Shields continues to throw some open-handed strikes at Jackson before three people stepped in.

Jake Shields Readies for Submission Underground Matchup via FloCombat YouTube

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Jackson and Shields feuded with each other back in October where Jackson called Shields a Nazi. It all appeared to start when Shields responded to a tweet from Jackson saying “It’s your white fragility.”

Jake Shields Twitter

The two would go back and forth with each throwing insults. Shields would write, “Mike your 3/4 white and grew up playing badminton in a all white community so knock off your weird racial bullshit.”

Jackson replied, “Lol, you grew kissing dogs in the mouth and eating unseasoned food. Your life and opinion don’t matter, thug.”

Mike Jackson Twitter

Shields responded, “Your the Rachel Dolzeal of MM. Will you teach me out to play badminton?”

Jackson then retorted, “This is what a white nationalist thug does, they create lies because they’re in their fragile racist feelings. So much for being ‘superior’, pasty grifter.”

Mike Jackson Twitter

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Shields followed that up with his own counter, “Mike did your white father touch you funny? Or was it Your half white mother? You really need to get therapy and figure out where your bigotry comes from.”

Jackson then called Shields a Nazi. He wrote on Twitter, “Look at a nazi do a thing. Stop projecting your white nationalism, we all know you thugs are liars and swindlers. Too much mayonnaise and not enough seasoning in that trash food.”

Mike Jackson Twitter

Following the altercation, Jackson took to Twitter to describe Shields as a Nazi again. He wrote, “A nazi just did a thing. Jake Shields is such a vile thug.”

Mike Jackson Twitter

The two would again go back and forth on Twitter. After Shields challenged Jackson to another fight, Jackson claimed he left Shields bleeding writing on Twitter, “Lol! Yet you are the one left bleeding. All of that white fragility got the best of you, nazi.”

Mike Jackson Twitter

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In a number of tweets, Jackson would also indicate he planned on suing Shields.

In one he wrote, “I appreciate this thug for documenting his white fragility. Best way to hurt a nazi, hit those pockets.”

In another he also claimed he gave Shields a bleeding eye and intimated he would file a lawsuit. Jackson wrote, “Jake Shields is going to have much larger problems on his hands shortly. Starting with that bleeding eye I left him with. Lol, stupid nazi.”

Mike Jackson Twitter

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Jackson then claimed Shields was banned from the UFC Performance Institute when Shields again challenged him to another fight.

He tweeted, “I bet you are at XC and not the PI. You were banned because you couldn’t control the white fragility running through your nazi veins. You’re nothing but a vile thug, yakub.”

Mike Jackson Twitter

Jackson also told MMA Fighting that Shields spit on him twice and that he was ambushed by Shields. He also further accused Shields of being banned by the UFC Performance Institute.

Jackson said, “I didn’t really think he was going to jeopardize his role at the PI, but I guess he didn’t give a f*** about that. The fragility in him, the white nationalist in him, was like, ‘Nah.’ That’s on him.”

Jackson admitted on Twitter that he also called Shields a Nazi in person and that lead to Shields attacking him.

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He further elaborated to MMA Fighting, “[Shields was] running his mouth, and he’s like, coming toward me, and I’m like sidestepping.” He then accused Shields of calling him “a racist piece of s***” multiple times.

Shields went on to relay that he challenged Jackson to a fight inside the cage, but Jackson said they he would fight him in Dallas. The two began bickering and Jackson eventually called Shields a Nazi saying, “You’re a f****** nazi.”

Shields then detailed, “So I ran over to him, he threw a hook at me, so I grabbed him, chucked him on the ground. I started slapping him like the b**** he was, and he was like, ‘Help, help.’”

Jake Shields Post-Fight Media Scrum at Submission Underground 4 via The Mac Life YouTube

Shields also told MMA Fighting after the fight that he was justified, but he was out of line to fight him at the Performance Institute. “I know I was out of line, so hopefully, I’ll smooth it over with the PI,” Shields said.

“I know I shouldn’t have done that. But the guy had for months just been popping on my Twitter and calling me a Nazi, which is complete defamation.” Shields added.

He continued, “I do business with Jewish people, and so they’re calling me a Nazi, and people that know me to know I’m not that way, but what if I didn’t know these people I was working with? I could lose big business deals if he’s sitting there telling people I’m a Nazi and a white supremacist. It’s such a slander. I could sue him for defamation.”

As far as Jackson’s plans to press charges, Shields commented, “Sounds like something he would do. He then added, “He deserved what he got. He deserved a lot worse.”

Jake Shields Via Fight Magazine YouTube

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Jackson has an abysmal record in MMA with four professional fights under his belt. After losing his UFC debut against Mickey Gall in 2016, Jackson defeated pro-wrestler CM Punk two years later in a fight that was overturned and declared a no-contest after Jackson tested positive for marijuana.

CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson Weigh-In for UFC 225 via FanSided MMA YouTube

Dana White who was dissatisfied with Jackson’s performance was cut from UFC until he attempted a comeback in 2022. Jackson received a DQ victory over Dean Barry before losing via first round knockout to Pete Rodriguez back in October.

After that fight Jackson was cut once again by the UFC.  The UFC has yet to comment on the incident.

Jake Shields via UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube

What are your thoughts on the Jake Shields/Mike Jackson fight?

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