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Shawn Spears AEW Status, Swerve Strickland Called A “D—”

Shawn Spears, also known as Tye Dillinger, was released from the WWE in early 2019. Some months later, he would officially join the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster. However, it’s been some months since fans have seen him on TV. So what is his status with the company?

Shawn Spears AEW Status

Spears has been AEW [1] for three years now. However, the last time he appeared on television was this past October.

A fan recently asked where he has been, on Twitter. Spears reveals via a tweet that no one should expect him back at AEW, anytime soon.

As you can see from the above, Spears won’t be featured in AEW in the near future. However, what exactly is this all about?

Shawn Spears AEW Status – The Happy Reason He’s Away

While fans may miss Shawn, he likely won’t be on AEW [4] TV due to a very good reason. He and his wife, Cassie Lee, are expecting a baby.

Spears is probably helping Lee during her final moments as an expectant mom. He will likely also take time off to enjoy some family time.

When will he return? Only time will tell.

Over to some stunning news, during an interview, a fellow colleague had some harsh words to say about Swerve Strickland. More on this story, below.

Swerve Strickland Called A “D—”

Ring of Honor’s (ROH) JD Griffey recently was on the What Do You Call It [5]podcast. While talking about the Final Battle tag team bout that saw JD and Shane Taylor versus Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee, [6] he had some interesting things to note.

Shawn Spears AEW Status
Source: @WrestlinBot, Twitter, Screenshot

He praised Lee. However, when it came to Swerve, he wasn’t as nice.

As he puts it, Strickland is being a “tool” as of late. It also sounds like Lee and Swerve have been at odds lately, too.

JD does note during the interview that Strickland is “brilliant” on the mic and in the ring. But he also states that his “awful” personality is a major reason why he’s overlooked for acknowledgments and year-end awards.

Griffey comes right out and says that Swerve is a “d—k”. He goes on to compare Strickland to an uncle that gives you the right information, but one that you just don’t like.

Their Wrestling History

JD, Taylor, and Lee were all part of the Texas indie scene. In fact, Lee and Taylor tagged together back in the day, as the Pretty Boy Killers.

The ROH Final Battle match dove into their wrestling history, with Taylor looking for some vengeance on Keith for “leaving” him to go to the WWE [7]. Griffey notes during the interview that the three men embraced backstage after the bout.

JD also took the time to say that Keith Lee is someone who wants others to succeed, and sees the good in everyone. Unfortunately, he had less than flattering things to say about Swerve.

Griffey believes he’ll be a part of the new ROH TV show when it revamps in 2023. It’ll be interesting to see what storylines and programs he dives into, once everything gets going.