Dog The Bounty Hunter Devastated After His ‘Right-Hand Man’ David Robinson Dies Suddenly At 50

David Robinson, who starred with Dog The Bounty Hunter on "Dog's Most Wanted," has died suddenly at the age of 50.

Duane Chapman, who is better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, is in mourning this week after the sudden death of his “right-hand man” David Robinson, who starred with him on “Dog’s Most Wanted.” Robinson was only 50 years-old when he passed away on Wednesday.

Dog In Mourning

“I’m shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of my right-hand man for many years, David Robinson,” Dog, 69, told Fox News. “Until we meet again, Brother.”

Daily Mail reported that Robinson’s wife Brooke said that he died “suddenly” after suffering a “stroke or heart attack” while he was on a Zoom call for work. While the cause of death has not been made official at this time, sources close to Dog also told TMZ that it appeared to be either a stroke or a heart attack. 

“David was very healthy and was on a work call in our dining room at home when he collapsed,” Brooke wrote on Facebook. “Life-saving maneuvers were attempted and paramedics were called. David died in my arms.”

“We ask again for time and space to grieve for the husband, father, brother and friend that was lost,” she added. 

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‘Dog’s Most Wanted’

Robinson starred with Dog on “Dog’s Most Wanted” when it ran on WGN for a single season back in 2019. The reality television show focused on Dog juggling both his career as a bounty hunter with his late wife Beth’s throat cancer diagnosis. She ultimately lost her battle with cancer at the age of 51 in June of 2019. 

In contrast to “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” the A&E reality show that featured Dog chasing fugitives who had jumped bail, “Dog’s Most Wanted” was about him hunting fugitives of his choosing alongside Robinson. 

“Working with the Chapmans for almost a decade, David specializes in the tech aspect of hunting,” the show’s website said of Robinson. “It is hard to unplug from technology these days and David will use that to find you!”

Check out a clip of Robinson in “Dog’s Most Wanted” in the video below.

News of Robinson’s death was broken on Wednesday by his ex-wife Rainy, who appeared on “Dog’s Most Wanted” with him during their marriage. 

“11/2/72 – 11/30/22 #Fast156,” she wrote alongside an image of David. 


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Robinson’s Divorce

Robinson and Rainy divorced in 2020 after 25 years of marriage, with her saying that they were doing so because he engaged in “some very heartbreaking and irrevocable actions.”

“After nearly 25 years of marriage (9/30/95) and 27 year together, David and I are separating,” she said at the time. “We have had many years of happy times, fun parties, television, businesses, tears and triumphs. We share two beautiful daughters and three adorable grand-daughters.”

“Marriage is difficult and in some cases does not always last; we had a great run and I am proud of the time we’ve spent building a life,” Rainy continued. “We are family and will always love each other as such.”

Rainy also works in the bounty hunting world, and she added that “sadly, some very heartbreaking and irrevocable actions were taken which resulted in the end of our marriage’ without delving deeper into detail about the split.”

“I don’t wish to expand any further as this has been a trying few months and I am now focused on my own path toward healing,” she concluded, going on to say that she is “not interested in re-hashing details as [she’s] committed to moving forward.”

It’s been a difficult few years for Dog in the wake of losing Beth, so this tragedy is the last thing he needs right now. Please join us in saying a prayer for Dog and Robinson’s other loved ones during this difficult time. 

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