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Candace Cameron Bure has found herself being targeted by cancel culture over the past few weeks for comments she made stating that her new network Great American Family “will keep traditional marriage at the core.” Despite this, she has refused to back down and instead has defiantly continued on her biblical quest to make Christian moves that “can change someone’s life.”

Cameron Bure Out To Make Christian Movies

While promoting her recent GAF movie “A Christmas …. Present,” Cameron Bure said that she is hoping that it will inspire fans on a deeper level. 

“The biggest theme that is most important to me in this film is the theme of God in our lives and the Christian faith,” the 46 year-old former “Full House” star told CBN News. “This is a Christmas movie that actually talks about Christ, and that’s another major theme that I have … never been able to talk about at length in my Christmas films.”

Cameron Bure went on to say that while she isn’t planning to stop making the lighthearted romantic Christmas movies that fans have come to love from her, she also wants to take on more profound religious themes with her projects.

“Listen, I love … the big city girl and the small town country boy Christmas movies. I love them. I’m going to continue to make those kinds of movies,” she said. “But I also want to make movies that have depth and purpose and meaning that can actually change someone’s life.”

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Cameron Bure’s New Christmas Movie

In “A Christmas …. Present,” Cameron Bure plays a woman whose brother recently lost his wife, and she embarks on a mission to give him the best Christmas ever. 

“This is about a married woman and her family, and her marriage is not where she wishes it would be, and her husband isn’t feeling it either … and they have some things to talk about,” she said. “And yet [with] the busyness, it’s very easy to sweep it under the rug and just let life pass you by and never really tackle some of the hard conversations.”

“She goes to [her brother] to help make sure that [he] has this really incredible Christmas because he’s recently lost his wife,” Cameron Bure added. “But what happens is that Maggie and her family really learn the importance of being together and valuing relationships over busyness.”

Check out a trailer for this project in the video below.

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Cameron Bure’s Deal With Great American Family

Cameron Bure shocked everyone earlier this year when she left the Hallmark Channel to sign a deal with GAF that includes her becoming the network’s chief content officer. This allows her to not only star in films for the network, but also to help with the creative process behind the scenes at the same time.

“I wanted this position and to be in there … because I’ve been in this genre for a very long time,” she explained. “This has really become my life — holiday movie. To know this holiday space and these types of movies, and so I have a really unique perspective because it has been all-consuming for a very long portion of my life.”

Cameron Bure’s Devotion To God

Whether she’s in front of the camera or behind it, Cameron Bure always has God at the center of her thoughts, as she relies on prayer and faith to make all of her decisions in life. 

“Prayer is my immediate connection to God. That’s how I talk to Him and communicate with Him,” she said. “Of course, I read my Bible, and I spend time with Him, but prayer is my main form of communication. I love God more and more when I get to know him through prayer.”

Cameron Bure has long been one of the only conservative Christian stars in Hollywood, which is why liberals are always out to “cancel” her. Though she recently found herself under attack for her comments defending “traditional marriage,” she refused to back down to the leftwing mob, showing the world what a strong Christian woman she really is.

God bless Cameron Bure, and we can’t wait to see what Christian projects she has in store for us in the years to come!

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