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 The country music star Blake Shelton could not help but get emotional this week as he talked about his upcoming exit from “The Voice” after the show’s 23rd season this spring.

Shelton Becomes Emotional

“‘The Voice’ has changed my life in a million ways. Most importantly, I met Gwen Stefani as a coach on the show, and now she’s my wife,” Shelton told Fox News

Tuesday night’s finale of the 22nd season of “The Voice” was particularly difficult for Shelton because it marked the last time that he will be coaching alongside his wife Stefani, who won’t be coming back next season.

“It was crazy. I didn’t even think about it… until the cameras shut off, then I realized, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ I looked over, and she was crying,” Shelton said. “She was like, ‘That’s it, we’re never going to do this again, you know?’… it was bittersweet.”

Shelton and Stefani met on “The Voice” back in 2014, though they were each married to other people at the time. He was married to the country music star Miranda Lambert, while she was married to the singer Gavin Rossdale.

Both Shelton and Stefani divorced their respective spouses in the summer of 2015, and they began dating in November of last year. They finally got married in July of 2021, and they seem to be happier than ever! 

“I won the ultimate prize on ‘The Voice.’ I don’t think anybody had a bigger win than I did,” Shelton said. 

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Shelton Honors ‘The Voice’ Winner

Shelton also made sure to highlight the country singer Bryce Leatherwood, who won this season of “The Voice,” giving him his ninth victory as a coach. 

“It’s so awesome to be here supporting this guy right here being the season 22 champ, and making this guy proud is always a treat,” Leatherwood said as he stood next to Shelton. “What it means for me to win is to make a lot of family proud, a lot of people proud and to make this guy proud, having Blake in my corner, couldn’t get better than that.”

“What it means for me to win is to make a lot of family proud, a lot of people proud and to make this guy proud, having Blake in my corner, couldn’t get better than that,” he added. 

Stefani marked the end of her time on “The Voice” by taking to Twitter to say, “aaand that’s a wrap!!! forever thankful to @NBCTheVoice, this show has changed my life in more ways than i can count.”

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Stefani And Shelton Look Towards 2023

Now that “The Voice” is over, Stefani and Shelton are looking forward to the new year.

“I think my resolution’s gonna be to make sure that I educate myself more on gardening because that’s my new hobby with Blake,” Stefani said, according to Yahoo News. “And we had a failed gardening year this year. I mean, we had a lot of things against us.”

“There was a drought, so that happened,” she added. “But, we are gonna get smarter and we’re gonna have some success next year.”

Given the fact that Shelton has been on “The Voice” since it premiered back in 2011, it’s hard to imagine the show without him. While we’re sad that he will be leaving after the next season, we hope that he enjoys his much-needed free time with his beloved wife Stefani! 

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