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Spider-Man Web Pitched For HIAC Match, MJF – Paul Heyman

Vince McMahon wanted Chris Jericho to use Spider-Man web during a HIAC Match. And, what do MJF and Paul Heyman have in common?

Vince McMahon wanted Chris Jericho to use web like Spider-Man during a HIAC Match. Also, what do MJF and Paul Heyman have in common?

Spider-Man Web Pitched For HIAC Match

The Hell in a Cell match is known to bring violence. Also, seeing superstars take huge bumps is a frequent sight.

Back in 2002, the gimmick was still not watered-down. That year’s Judgement Day saw Triple H and Chris Jericho end their feud inside the Cell.

On Talk is Jericho, the AEW wrestler went over the creative process of the match. At one point, Vince McMahon wanted Jericho to try and escape the Cell.

The former WWE boss even thought Jericho could use web, like the comic book hero, Spider-Man.

Vince McMahon’s Strange Booking Idea

“But, the thing I really am proud of for that Hell in a Cell is this the first one that didn’t feature a crazy bump off the top of the cage,” said Jericho. “So we said, let’s make this match a bridge to where people don’t expect to have someone fall every time.” 

“Because sooner or later, you can’t do that all the time, you know? So then we thought well why don’t we do the finish on top of the cage?”

“Hmm, that’s interesting and hadn’t been done at that point in time, right. And I remember when I pitched the idea, we pitched the idea to Vince, he’s like ‘Well, the idea of Hell in a Cell is nobody can get out of the door.” 

“How are you going to get up there? And, then think, well, maybe we can crawl up the inside?” 

“Vince said, ‘Well, there’s not a hole in the top of the cage and how you going to crawl across?’ And then Vince goes, ‘Why don’t you take your arms and shoot some web to the top of the cage and slide up there?’” 

“Like what? Triple H goes ‘He went and saw Spider-Man last night.’”

Thankfully, Vince was talked out of the idea. Instead, Triple H walked out the victor and nobody even had to fall off the Cell.

See, matches can work without crazy spots that put the lives of the wrestlers in jeopardy.

MJF – Paul Heyman

Spider-Man Web HIAC Match
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Renee Paquette worked closely with Paul Heyman in WWE and has interacted several times with MJF in AEW. For the popular TV personality, she already sees similarities.

While speaking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Paquette discussed one of her first AEW segments; which involved MJF. Quickly, she made a comparison between MJF and Heyman.

“I kind of wanted to witness what he does up close like that,” said Paquette. “I used to do a lot of promos with Paul Heyman and that’s something like that, like, kind of performance.” 

“So, I like being able to work with people like that because it gives me so much to do. It was fun getting to do some of that stuff with MJF.”

When it comes to the mic, MJF is easily the best in AEW. And, the same could be said for Heyman in WWE, but there might be some other contenders.

With her husband, Jon Moxley, recently re-signing with AEW and being of their top stars, Paquette is not going anywhere. Yes, she is busy outside of wrestling by being a first-time mom and having other jobs.

Still, she is hit with wrestling fans and wherever she is, the people are happy.

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