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Next To Challenge Roman Reigns, WWE Reunion Expected In ’23

As we start looking toward next year, we might have an idea of who will be next to challenge Roman Reigns. And one WWE reunion is expected in ’23.

Next To Challenge Roman Reigns

Now that WarGames is over and done with [1], who will be next to challenge Roman Reigns, one on one?

This one might not be a surprise, but the buzz is that Kevin Owens [2] will be getting another shot.

With no further premium live events [3] scheduled in 2022, that match is expected to happen in January at the Royal Rumble.

Owens very nearly stopped Reigns’ run before it ever became historic.

As part of his re-emergent Prize Fighter [4] persona, he’s been frequently pointing that out.

On the way to Saturday’s WarGames clash, he made sure to mention he and Reigns had “unfinished business”.

According to WrestlingNews.co [10], that business gets finished in San Antonio when WWE kicks off it’s 2023 premium live events.

There had been whispers that Sheamus might be in line for a title shot, but those have faded.

The leader of the Brawling Brutes came close to being the #1 contender at Clash at the Castle, so it nearly happened.

next challenge roman reigns
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Given that the Brutes and Bloodline have been battling for a bit, having Sheamus one on one against Reigns would have made sense too.

One wild card opponent? Sami Zayn.

Zayn made it clear where his loyalties were at the end of WarGames. However, that might end up being short-lived.

According to the same report, Zayn-Reigns was considered for the Rumble, but is now penciled in for February’s Elimination Chamber event.

Of course, we have nearly two months between now and the Rumble. Lots of things can change.

Including the card, which, as we know, is always subject to change.

WWE Reunion Expected In ’23

Now, based on the above reveal, this one won’t surprise you. At least one WWE reunion is expected in ’23.

That reunion? Sami Zayn [11] and Kevin Owens.

In another report from WrestlingNews.co, in spite of Saturday’s low blow…the long-teased reunion is still in the cards.

To the point that Zayn and Owens are expected to reunite and battle Jimmy and Jey Uso at WrestleMania 39.

For many months, we’ve often seen Zayn and Owens bump into each other.

They weren’t cordial, but they never resulted in violence-until WarGames.

Each and every exchange was a tease, and fans ate them up.

Even as recently as Friday’s SmackDown, Owens was urging Sami Zayn to cross the Bloodline before they crossed him.

next challenge roman reigns
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

That could still happen, but for now, Sami Zayn remains the “Honorary Uce”.

Based on the current plans for early 2023, it remains to be seen how and when things turn.

Owens is expected to battle Reigns at the Rumble, with Zayn slotted in as Roman’s February opponent.

Will the split happen at the Rumble? Might Zayn come to KO’s aid during that title fight?

In spite of recent events, it does seem that Owens and Zayn will team again, and soon.

Stay tuned to see how and when it happens.