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More News On Saraya & AEW Clearance, Ex-WWE Star Retires

Saraya still has wrestling fans buzzing, months after her AEW debut. While she recently announced she has been medically cleared to return to action, there’s more news on when this happened, and whom she reached out to, first.

More News On Saraya & AEW Clearance

The day many fans have been waiting for is finally here. While Saraya entered AEW [1] in September and has gotten “physical” inside the ring, many were wondering if she’d be back in action.

The good news is that she declared clearance to enter in-ring competition again, this week on Dynamite. But when did this all happen?

The former “Paige” reveals all during The Sessions with Renee Paquette [6]. According to Saraya, she wasn’t cleared to wrestle when she first got to AEW.

During her chat with Renee, she notes she and Britt Baker went out there and “did their thing”. She was not cleared by the doctor beforehand, but he did advise her not to take a bump.

Who Saraya Reached Out To, After She Got The AEW Clearance News

So it seems, Saraya will step back into the squared circle for AEW’s upcoming Full Gear event, facing Britt Baker. But who did she reach out to first, after she got thumbs up on her clearance?

During The Sessions talk with Paquette, Saraya states that the first person she texted was Mercedes, a.k.a., Sasha Banks [7]. For those that recall, Saraya was in the ring with Banks during a spot that caused her career-ending injury.

That six-woman tag match at a house show in December 2017 was the last time “Paige” wrestled. She announced her retirement in April of the following year.

As Saraya mentions during The Sessions interview, what happened in that match was an accident. She adds that “things” like this happen in wrestling.

It’s clear she holds zero animosity toward Banks. She ensured Sasha was one of the first people who knew about her clearance to relieve any guilt her colleague may have had.

Saraya being cleared to wrestle is tremendous news. It’ll be interesting to see her and Baker go at it at Full Gear.

While one talent exits retirement, another one enters. Learn more about this story, down below.

Ex-WWE Star Retires

Former WWE [8] and Impact star, Taryn Terrell recently announced that she’s officially retiring from wrestling. As such, she has left NWA.

Saraya News AEW Clearance
Source: @wwegoddesses2, Twitter, Screenshot

Posting on her Instagram account on November 9th, she notes she’s decided to hang up her boots … forever. Terrell states it’s a bittersweet moment and was thankful to NWA for giving her a “wonderful” opportunity to manage.

Taryn goes on to say that the issue is she can’t be “beside” the ring and be happy. She states she loves the squared circle and performing.

Terrell also notes being inside the ring and connecting with crowds “fuels” her. She also states that it’s “time to say goodbye.


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A post shared by Taryn Terrell (@iamtarynterrell) [9]


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A post shared by Taryn Terrell (@iamtarynterrell) [9]

Could She Return To The Ring Someday?

This isn’t the first time Taryn has retired. She left Impact in 2015 and returned in 2017 for a couple of bouts.

She would return in 2021 and work with NWA in non-wrestling roles. Terrell signed with the WWE in 2008 and was part of the 2007 Divas Search.

Taryn remained with the WWE [10] until 2010. While she didn’t win titles during her time there, she did become the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion during her time at Impact.