Judge Judy’s Granddaughter Reveals What She’s Really Like Behind The Scenes

The granddaughter of Judge Judy Sheindlin is speaking out to reveal what the television personality is really like behind the scenes.

Judge Judy Sheindlin is known to millions of fans as one of the toughest women on television, but to her granddaughter Sarah Rose, she’s just her nana. In a new interview, Sarah Rose is opening up to reveal what Sheindlin, 80, is really like behind the scenes. 

Judge Judy Has A ‘Softer’ Side

Sarah Rose, 25, stars with Sheindlin on “Judy Justice,” the latest season of which debuted on IMDb TV earlier this month. She told Fox News that Sheindlin is a sassy grandmother who isn’t afraid to dish out some tough love to her thirteen grandchildren.

“That’s still there. The no-nonsense grandmother is still there,” Sarah Rose said with a laugh. “But there is a much softer, supportive side. She’s the first person I call if I have a problem or a question or something that needs to get solved. She’s a fantastic problem solver, especially for the ones that she loves.”

“That support and love … that’s what I think a lot of people don’t think exists because of who they see on camera, which is understandable,” she continued. “But that’s one of the things I wish people either recognized or knew. But I get the benefit of seeing both.”

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Sarah Rose Becomes A Lawyer

Sarah Rose also talked about why she decided to become an attorney herself.

“My family is chock-full of lawyers,” she explained. “Every family dinner was something legal related. And I remember sitting at the adults’ table but still feeling like I was at the kids’ table, not being able to really engage with what they were discussing, the topics and different cases that my father or my aunts and uncles were trying at the time.”

“I wanted to be in on the action,” she added. “I wanted to get in on the conversation. So I went to law school and figured out how to communicate like a lawyer, how to think like a lawyer. And now, I hold my own at the family table as much as anyone else. I’m really happy with how it all turned out.”

What Sarah Rose Has Learned From Her Grandmother

Sarah Rose has learned a ton from Sheindlin, who presented her granddaughter with her diploma as she graduated from New York Law School earlier this year.

“[She taught me] not to let anybody else define you but yourself,” Sarah Rose said. “You have to have a good feeling about yourself and be confident in yourself. And, really, if you have that as a foundation, the opportunities are endless for where your journey might lead. I’ve always taken that to heart. No matter what anyone else’s opinions, feelings or thoughts are, I just know that I’m secure in myself. And she’s playing a big role in that.

“She’s given me the confidence to feel that way while I was growing up,” she stated. “I think that’s the best piece of advice she’s ever given me. You have to define yourself, and you tell other people who you are. Not the other way around.”

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New Season Of ‘Judy Justice’ 

Sarah Rose concluded by saying that she hopes that fans of the long-running show “Judge Judy” will enjoy this season of “Judy Justice.”

“I hope people get the same thing they’ve been getting for 25 years – truth, justice, all the underlying themes that ‘Judge Judy’ has been about for all these years, but with a new element,” she said.

“Being able to have healthy discourse between generations is hopefully my take and what I hope people get out of it,” Sarah Rose concluded. “I think we all bring something different, which is great because audiences now have members of the cast to connect with in different ways.”

Watch Sheindlin and Sarah Rose talk more about “Judy Justice” in the video below.

Sarah Rose sure is lucky to have Judge Judy for a grandmother! Check out Sheindlin and her granddaughter in action together in “Judy Justice” on IMDb TV. 

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